Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SS501, Reason For Them To Continue Activities After Contract Ends On June 7th Is?

Credits : kulkuri7@joongang.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

With the constant subject of disbanding, group SS501’s contract with their management company will end on 7-June, however they had came to an agreement to continue with their activities until end of June.

SS501 will release a mini album on 28-June and start with their activities at the same time. SS501 leader, Kim HyunJoong as well as the other members’ contracts will end on 7-June, however the album activities will not be affected by their contract expiration.

Kim HyunJoong who rocketed to stardom, the questions on his position made many observed, ‘Isn’t SS501’s album activities is filled with strangeness?”.

Management company DSP Media Choi SungPil said on 17-May “Whether Kim HyunJoong as well as all the rest of the members were to re-contract or not, it (the contract expiration) will be postponed to end of June after they finish with their album activities. There is absolutely no problem on their album activities.” He added “Our Company has considered and prepared to compensate them for the activities done after their contract expiration on 7-June.”

The reason for SS501 to continue with their activities after SS501 contract expires is because of their promise to their fans. SS501 who has been engaged with overseas activities last year, promised their fans at the end of last year “We will have our activities for our Korean fans with our new album.” The CEO of their management company who has supported them for the past 5 years, is struggling against illness, thus they have a mutual understanding that they will not be rushing on this matter.

The boys who have completed their recordings, will shoot their music video on 19th in GyungGi-do, and the album will be released on 28-May. Starting with KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ on 4-June, they will continue with broadcast activities for 3 weeks. They will also attend Dream Concert on 22-May held at Seoul SangAm-dong World Cup Stadium.

Meanwhile Kim HyunJoong met with a car collision accident on 12-May night at Jamsil, Seoul, near his house. He suffered bruised ribs and abrasions and required 2 weeks to recover. Management company explained “The injury will not at all affect their activities.”


Anonymous said...

This makes me furious for several reasons. For one, how can KHJ even think about doing such activities when his health is an issue. I've had internal injuries before, it's very painful, maybe a month would be sufficient. Second, to carry out their contract till end of June to finish their activities. Why couldn't they have done these activities forward from Seoul concert. I'm thinking this may affect his chance for drama offer? This could be the reason for the accident, but why so close to his house. It just seems all so fishy on the company's part.
Of course, my heart and prayers are with Kim Hyun Joong and members, hoping all will be well for them.
JoongBo fighting.....

Anonymous said...

I've seen comments here and other blogs that firms up my suspicions.Is DSP setting SS501 up in some kind of entrapment so they cannot go to other companies ?There are many questions:the delays in the album release ,delay in other release( yes,that WGM) delay in announcing the accident (after almost a week ),why is there no police announcement ,what happened to the companion /who is he,what caused the accident ,what happened to the car ,why DSP is always talking about how they nurtured the boys and of course that they can't talk because of CEO's illness .

What kind of business establishment is that ? They are all paralyzed and they are paralyzing the boys as well with their psych war .They know they can use public opinion if the boys will not contract with them again (disloyalty,betrayal ,not sensitive to the illness of the boss,etc).

Hope the boys see through these and make decisions accordingly .