Thursday, May 27, 2010

Joongbo Episode 14 Quotes

OMG It's been a long time since I have done this! Time to update the quotes section!

Episode 14 Quotes

During studio filming, they revealed a poll on "The Person You Wish To Go On Vacation With"

Lee Hyukjae: On the girls' category, the person you wish to go on vacation with is... Hwangbo! (42% out of 37, 125 votes)
HB: Me? Me?! *happy* *pretends to cry*

Lee Hyukjae: There's a couple we wish to congratulate. It's the 100th day celebration for Kim Hyunjoong and Hwangbo! Congratulations!

Hyunjoong & Hwangbo are walking on the streets of Seoul...

HB: Why aren't you curious that we're meeting outside?
HJ: About what?
HB: I mean.. If your wife asks you to meet outside, aren't you supposed to ask why? Aren't you curious?
HJ: No... I'm tired because it's morning. *laughs*
HB: *laughs* You're always tired.. Always tired.

Private Interview:

HB: If you asked about the times I felt disappointed, there are too many for me to list.. But, whenever we're together, there hasn't been any moment that I wasn't enjoying it. It's always fun.

Hyunjoong & Hwangbo went to a wedding shop to look for tuxedos and dresses.

HJ: How much do these things cost?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I'm just curious~

HJ: We can just shoot whatever..
HB: What do you mean "whatever"? Even if you've lived a life thinking "whatever".. Let's not be like that with the wedding too..

HB: A long one, you said you want a long tuxedo, right?
HJ: This is good. *holds a tuxedo with a long back* Penguin style.
HB: *laughs*

HB: Do you have any other styles in mind?
HJ: Do they accept card? *laughs*
HB: *laughs* If you worked hard to make money, you need to use it too.
HJ: I did a concert in Japan, so I have a bit of money.
HB: So I can wear my dress without worries?
HJ: *to the owner* You do rentals here, right?
HB: But I want to buy them... *pouts*
HJ: If you're only wearing it once, it will only be a waste.
HB: I'm gonna make my daughter wear it.

While picking out clothes for their wedding photoshoot...

HJ: This goes well with jeans.
HB: You can wear the jacket with jeans.
HJ: But I can't do a wedding photo in just jeans..
HB: Why not? A model, Lee Yoo did it.
HJ: Who?
HB: Do you know a model named Lee Yoo?
HJ: No..
HB: No? Well there's a model named Lee Yoo..
HJ: *coolly scoffs and turns away from her*
HB: Really.. What's wrong? It's true.
HJ: I see... You sure know a lot of men.
HB: *kneels and laughs* I have to clear it up.. Lee Yoo is a woman. I was talking about her husband.
HJ: Ahh.. is that so?
HB: I really don't know a lot of men!

Private interview:

HJ: I really thought she was talking about a man... They're not even close but she keeps on saying "model Lee Yoo, Lee Yoo"... I kept on thinking, "Why is she referring to him so affectionately?" Then I found out it was a woman... I was really embarrassed, I even got jealous..

Groom is to try his tuxedo first.

HJ: I have to go in there? I'm supposed to change by myself, right?
Store owner: We'll help you.
HJ: Then.. my underwear too?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: No, right?
HB: I won't let you if it's like that. *laughs*
HJ: *goes inside*
HB: Let him change as he pleases... Try not to touch him. Yes, yes, yes.

While waiting outside...

HB: *talking to herself* We'll now have wedding photos. There's proof. I'm gonna distribute them. I'm gonna hand them out like flyers! *laughs*

On the reveal of Hyunjoong's first tuxedo...

HJ: *turns around* *turns to look at her again*
HB: *smiles & nods approvingly*
HJ: This seems good. I'll take this one.
HB: *laughs*

On the reveal of Hyunjoong's second tuxedo...

HJ: *still not meeting her eyes* I think this is good too.

Hwangbo goes inside the dressing room

HB: *goes up the platform with him* My clothes are too ordinary.
HJ: It'll be okay once you change too.
The two stands and looks at their reflection in silence.
HJ: Should we go somewhere?
HB: Huh?
HJ: Should we be doing something like this? *pretends to play the violin*
HB: *laughs*

HJ: Let's hurry, I want to get wife's dress too.
HB: But you just said you'll rent them and not buy them for me.
HJ: If I buy the dress, I'll get the 136 month payment plan.
HB: 136 months? *laughs*

Hwangbo calls her friend Shin Aera.

HB: It's awkward enough with just the two of us, and this wedding photoshoot is making everything even more awkward. I need you Unni.
SA: Do you think it's easy to find such a good looking and young husband?
HB: *laughs* You're telling me those things too?

HB: Ah I don't know what to do.. I like all of them on you.
HJ: I have no choice then. *smiles* Please wrap all three of the tuxedos and place them under my 136 month payment plan.
HB: *laughs*

Hyunjoong and Hwangbo are now picking up dresses Hwangbo will try.

HB: They all look the same to you, right?
HJ: They're different! Yellow, pink... white.
HB: *laughs*

HB: Is there a dress that made you go, "Oh! This is pretty~!"
HJ: Well this one has been denied from the start. *points to a long strapless gown*
HB: *laughs* Why?
HJ: It's too revealing...
HB: *laughs* What do you mean revealing?
HJ: *to the owner* I'm sorry, I know you worked hard to make it..
HB: *laughs*

HJ: This one is made low cut also. Denied. This one is cut too low on the back.
HB: So I guess the back has been denied too... You're too picky.
HJ: I choose this, this, and that one.
HB: Please sit outside and anticipate!
HJ: I memorized them! Not this one and that one okay?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Don't try to sneak them on! *laughs*
HB: I didn't think you would be the type to choose, but I guess you are.

While waiting...

No answer..
HB: Do you have to leave?
HJ: No, I just want to call your name.

While Hwang Buin was inside dressing up her phone rang.

HJ: Your phone!
HB: Who is it?
HJ: Seems like a friend of yours but its a guy's name.
HB: *laughs* What's the name?
HJ: Dong Hyun.
HB: Who's Dong Hyun?
HJ: What do you mean who? It says Dong Hyun.
HB: Who?
HJ: Mr. Dong Hyun called you.
HB: Dong Hyun is a girl too~
HJ: Really? Women around you have male names.

Private Interview:

HB: Is it jealousy? But he was only jealous of women, I was surprised! It was weird.. completely unexpected of him because I don't expect much.. I don't ask much from people. Was he saying it because he's jealous? Or is it the feeling that since we're married, he's starting to meddle?


The dressing room door opens..
HJ: *holds his camera up* Whoa~
HB: Is it pretty?
HJ: *nods continuously* Pretty.. *to the owner* We'll take this one.
HB: *laughs*

Shin Aera surprises everyone by coming to the store.

SA: Why am I so excited to meet your husband?
HJ: Nice to meet you *bows*
HB: You know her, right?
HJ: Of course..
SA: Did you have a good trip from Japan?
HJ: Oh yes, I actually got back just yesterday.
SA: You must have been tired..
HJ: Ah.. no.. *nervous* It's.. I'm fine.

While Hwang Buin is changing to her second dress..

SA: I heard you said you would've liked to be paired with another partner... Did you really mean it?
HJ: *surprised* Eh?
SA: What? Yes?
HJ: It's not that... *drinks water*
SA: Is it because she's older?
HJ: No, it's not.. I don't know what I'm saying.. *drinks water again*

Private Interview:

HJ: Shin Aera-nim came. Seriously, she had an aura of a queen or something.. I couldn't breathe properly and I felt so humbled by her presence. She spoke so softly, so well... I felt like I was on Shin Aera Talk Show... *blinks*

Hwangbo tried on the tube top princess dress.

HJ: Are there no straps? It looks like it might fall down..

HJ: I have changed, regarding marriage... I've become more serious. I used to not like older women as partners, but I think I changed the way I think.. Someone who's older or younger is okay, as long as I love that person.

On the revelation of Hwangbo's third dress..

HJ: Take a deep breath.
HB: *heas a popping sound* You heard that, right?
HJ: Do you have this in XL?
HB: It's not that..
HJ: It's pretty... How much is it?
HB: *laughs*

SA: Do you like the last one or this one better?
HJ: I think both are good, but I liked the last one better.
SA: Really? Ah~ I think the last one was more skimpy.
HJ: Really?
SA: Yes. Do you like skimpy things?
HJ: Oh, no, no. *waves nervously*
HB: *laughs*

SA: It hasn't been long since I got to know Hwangbo.. We volunteered for charity together and went to Bangladesh. I saw how she was during that time, and saw how good she was. She would hug the kids on the streets and tell them that they're pretty... I really liked that. Does she talk about her trip to Bangladesh at all?
HJ: No, she doesn't..
SA: Not even once?
HJ: She doesn't tend to brag about herself..
SA: Is that bragging? *laughs* Since I said something about her, I want to hear from you also.
HJ: I think I have changed a bit, regarding my thoughts on marriage because of her... I've become more mature. I used to not like older women, but I think I've changed the way I think. The way I think about women changed, and I think older and younger women are okay. Now I think it's alright as long as I love that person...

Shin Aera went to Hwang Buin's fitting room.

HB: What were you guys talking about?
SA: About the time we went to Bangladesh.
HB: He has a fear of elders.. He doesn't know what to do although he's really polite...
SA: Regardless of how older a man is, he needs to be cared for. I have three kids, right? But it always feels like I have four kids. At least having a young husband would make it worth all the trouble.
HB: *laughs*

HB: Am I prettier or is Shin Aera Unni prettier?
HJ: Ah~
HB: Sorry, I asked a question like Lee Hyukjae's.
HJ: No, it's a really easy question.
SA: I'm really curious now.
HB: Don't ask him, I have no confidence when it comes to these things.
SA: Please tell us.
HB: She says she's leaving. *laughs*
SA: Of course it's you... and I think I will be leaving with a bad mood.
HB: *laughs*

Private Interview:

Q: What was Hyunjoong's answer?
HJ: Hwang Buin. Isn't it normal to think that your wife is the prettiest? For Shin Aera-nim, she has someone who will tell her she's the prettiest, she has Cha In Pyo-nim... I think it's the right thing to feel that your wife is the prettiest.

HB: Do you remember all the dresses I wore? Do you remember the first, second, third, fouth and fifth one?
HJ: All of them!
HB: All of them?
HJ: I can even draw them if you want.
HB: *laughs* Let's say the number of the one we liked the most. One, two, three..
Both: First one!
HB: What's going on? It's the same..
HJ: How about the second favorite? Really, of the ones you've liked the most.
HB: The ones I liked? Okay.
HJ: Okay. I've decided. One, two, three..
Both: Fourth!
HJ: *shocked* OH! What's this? The gods are actually helping us on our 100th anniversary!
HB: *laughs*

On set for the wedding photoshoot..

HB: *husky morning voice* Finally our 100th day~
HJ: Huh?
HB: Finally our 100th day~
HJ: Your voice just now... *imitates her voice*
HB: *hits him* *laughs*

HJ: Usually on the 100th day, most people exchange gifts, right?
HB: Yeah, so?
HJ: We don't have presents.
HB: Why did you make me anticipate? I thought you had a present for a moment..
HJ: Really, I don't.. Not having gifts is our charm!
HB: *laughs* Complete nonsense.. You always make things up!

HB: *hops on the roundabout*
HJ: *spins her* This is my gift for our 100th day!
HB: *laughs* Stop! Stop! Wait a minute!
HJ: You just have to spin 501 more times.
HB: I'm really dizzy..
HJ: My 100th day present, are you just going crazy with happiness?
HB: *laughs*

As Hyunjoong finished changing first, he starts walking around the dressing room.

HJ: *peaks to Hwang Buin's door*
HB: Hyunjoong!
HJ: *surprised* Why aren't you coming out?
HB: Wait a minute.. You're dying to see me, right?

HB: *comes out* JAN~~~ hot.
HJ: *claps*
HB: *laughs* What's with the clapping? Because I'm pretty?
HJ: The earrings are pretty.
HB: Really?
HJ: I'm kidding..

HJ: What's this? *holds her dress' train*
HB: I have to hold it.
HJ: Should I hold it?
HB: No, I can hold it.
HJ: I'll hold it.
HB: *laughs* It's alright.
HJ: Why?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I thought people hold this for you from the back?
HB: Okay then..
Hwangbo's underskirt is showing because he's holding it a little too high.
HB: You have to hold it prettily! *laughs*
HJ: You should just cut this piece. *laughs* It will just get dirty.
HB: *laughs*

Photographer: We'll start with the easy shots first. You know sitting at attention?
HB: Yes, I like that!
Photographer: The groom's supposed to be a bit tense, with an awkward feel.
HJ: Oh, that's okay, we're usually like that anyway. *laughs*
HB: *laughs*

Photographer: The grrom has to lean forward compared to the bride so that her face will look small.
HB: My face isn't big...

HB: What should I do? I think it's funny!
Photographer: Groom, look at the bride.
HB: Don't look, don't look! *laughs*
HJ: Let's take good pictures! They're expensive to take! *laughs*
HB: *laughs* *hits him* You're too funny!
HJ: I'm kidding.. *smiles*

Photographer: Groom, sit up higher.
HJ: But this is my limit...
HB: *looks at him*
HJ: *looks at her*
Both: *laughs*

Photographer: Smile! Loudly laugh! HA! HA! HA!
HJ: *awkwardly* Ha ha ha..
HB: *laughs*
Photographer: One two, three! HA! HA! HA! HA!
HJ: *with a big smile* Ha ha ha ha...
HB: *laughs*

Photographer: Now look at each other!
HB: *nervous* That's hard! I thought we were gonna start with easy things?
Photographer: It's easy~
HB: But we don't usually look at each other's eyes..
HJ: This is a challenge!

HJ: One, two three. *swiftly turns his head sideways to look at her*
HB: *surprised* *laughs*
HJ: Why? *laughs*
HB: It's funny!
Photographer: Do it with your eyes closed.
HJ: Can't you photoshop the eyes so they're open?

Photographer: The bride should force a kiss on the groom's cheek.
HB: You mean, pretend?
HJ: Is this how we're gonna do our first skinship?
HB: *laughs*

Photographer: The bride should be more aggressive in approaching him! You don't need to look at the camera, just think, "This cheek is mine!"
HJ: Oh, my neck hurts.. *laughs*
HB: *laughs*

HB: I'm going crazy.
Photographer: That looks good! Okay! Okay! Kiss on the cheek! Just stamp him with them!
HJ: When are you gonna take the picture? *laughs*
HB: *laughs*

HJ: I'll help you hide with this. *covers their faces with a bouquet of flowers*
Photographer: Lower the bouquet a bit?
HJ: But this is the mosaic..
HB: *laughs*
Photographer: You're not kissing his chin!
HB: *laughs*

After a while they got the shot.

HJ: Let's just use this one.
HB: *laughs*

Private Interview:

HB: I still get nervous thinking about it. He was shy and I was also shy. If I only I have thought of him as someone younger, it would have been easy. Noona's planning to hug him and kiss him! What's wrong with that?

But when I think of him as the man for me... I couldn't do anything..

HJ: I was thinking, why are they making us kiss from the beginning? They told us we'll start with easy things... What kind of things will they make us do later then? *smiles* felt..not bad at all..


Anonymous said...

the first part with lee hyukjae what show is that??? i wanna lee hyukjae and hwangbo are close??? because hwangbo said "sorry, i asked a question like lee hyukjae's." just wondering

Anonymous said...

miss them!!!

nweiz, Love Ya Teaser 2 is out!

cant wait for the whole mv!

Shillang is oozing with hotness there!

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

SH!!!! ur always make me missssss them so badlY! kekeke TQ!!!
aargghh...i so miss them and can't over it even its almost 2yr!!!
and i still believe!! to the world!!! wif all the support and wishes from the joongboers...i hope we will hear good news !!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi! SH, this episode is so so funny and cute, why??? coz of HJ's actions :)) the way he got jealous... how he took care of HB and mostly how he really throwing some jokes with HB and with the photographer... I miss them!!! we'll just keep our faith :D


Anonymous said...

brings back SO many good memories, and hyun joong was SO funny and sweetly cute.....
ahhh he'll always be my love ^^

babypam_08 said...

To the woooorld!

Anonymous said...

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