Monday, May 31, 2010

[Photos] SS501 KBS 88 Fansigning Event

Late May/June/July are my power months, so expect spammage! *muahahaha*
I'm very happy there's an older posts button now compared to last year where there was only an archive drop-down menu xD

[Photos are from various sites! :)]

Oh I deleted the line break!



Anonymous said...

I noticed KHJ was so much happier at this fan signing, where as the day before fan signing, he didn't look too happy. Imagined all kinds of crazy ssangchu thoughts, lol.

SH....thanks for all the updates, you're awesome.

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

kekeke..maybe got call from "that" some1? hahaha...i wish that was for reaL!!!! kekeke....awww.....cute!

Annery said...

I too notice he is more happy at this fan signing event, unlike the previous 2 event..
I guess maybe he is still in pain and under medication, and away from someone during that period...
As we know someone went Busan and came back before when HJ went Busan...
Now they should be at the same place... :)