Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hyunjoong's Artistic Side

credit: http://cafe.daum.net/KimHyunjoong/c04C/60 + xinhm@http://www.hyunjoongchina.com + ss501fighting

Spacecraft kidnapped a few people on earth. They were like tied yellow croaker.

An alien captured some people on earth with a huge string bag were prepared to transfer them to the spacecraft.

There are aliens who pull hair of Earth people.

Aliens with laser guns attacked people on earth.

Saw a monster spit fire poison people on earth. There was a woman’s eyeballs jump out of her eye sockets.

2. Earth people counter-attack

The prince sitting in a tank with a knife attack on an alien

Bellied old man with beard also pinch alien’s neck.

Ah. The Earth also have to sacrifice. There is a chopped head of an alien body ~ ~

3. The emergence of a heroThe war did not stop.

Earth people turned into bones

People look forward to the arrival of a hero, hoping the emergence of a hero to end this war.

Then ..

A hero to save the planet is emerged ,

Our hero’s shoelaces are fasten.

He is …

The man.. We are looking forward to …

Here where that person to be emerged

.. came from 4th dimension extraterrestrial world, superheroes …

A smile can melt away the entire body of all life .. aliens fighting over to be friends with him ..

Send a variety of rare minerals of the universe as gifts

The Legend is because of this person, the universe united as one strong national … this is…the end of today’s stories.


Anonymous said...

lol..it is evident that someones 4dness is rubbing off on you...i wonder who's the influece hmmmm


UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

ngehngehngeh...i watch hyori's MV chitty bang bang...and its about alien!! kekeke...maybe HJ is drawing unnie's MV here...kekeke....hyori is still his ideal type if girl rite? but HB is still his....buin 4eveR!!!!