Monday, May 3, 2010

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong Tony Moly Fansigning Event Afterthought By Korean TS

credit: khj606 + + ss501fighting + gellie

Just came back from "Tony Moly" fan signing event

Kim Hyun Joong came down from the escalator around 1:00pm. He put his signature on the signature board ...then the fan signing event started...

My number is 6.. however, people with the four number before me were not arrived yet, I was the second one.

Hyun Joong with his beautiful smile...? He raised his head... looked at me... I am so excited...kekeke

He greeted all the fans "hello, everyone"

I said: " I hear that you will go to Spain to study...." Hyun Joong laughed even louder... +.+

Said to Hyun Joong:" I think is useful so want to give them to you." Then, I gave him two book about Spain which I prepared. Hyun Joong said:"yes" then laughed again... hahaha

In order to get his signature, I even prepared a notebook with his pictures all over.

The fan signing event began, beside the paper prepared by Tony Moly, we couldn't use others. ..

But nice Hyun Joong signed on my notebook for me (really.. our Hyun Joong.. is the best)

I showed my name on the notebook to Hyun Joong.. "Do you know me"

Even though Hyun Joong has lots of fans.. I went to almost all of Hyun Joong's activites... I think is possible for him to remember me...

However, our honest Hyun Joong said "I don't know you"... made me a little bit disappointed... TTTTTTTTT

I gave out a very disappointed sound.. "OH really ..."

Our kind-hearted Hyun Joong wanted to cheer me up, he added a PS after the his signature "I will remember next time" (So? Hyun Joong ah... I believe you... need to remember me next time)

After signing, I asked him to write another PS.. Hyun Joong nodded and said" OK"...

"This time 0606 fansite is remodeled, please write something for 0606 fans"

Hyun Joong wrote: "I always feel thankful for 0606 fansite."

Then, I said to him:" can we shake hand?" but the security didn't let us... however, before he can resist.. I already shaked hand with Hyun Joong... kekeke

Then, Hyun Joong said:"Thank You".. I said"I will go to Japan. Let see each other in Japan." Hyun Joong smiled to me and said:"Ok.."

That's it.. our met was over.

Hyun Joong ah.. actually.. inside those two books... I got a letter for you.. .. please see it...

In addition, I hope the two books can help you in your Spain tour...