Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kim Hyunjoong's Contract Comes To An End.. Where Will He Go?

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Leader of SS501, Kim Hyun Joong is currently under a stressful dilemma with the end of his contract quickly approaching.

Kim Hyun Joong’s contract with DSP Entertainment will officially end on June 8th. There are rumors that he will separate from the other SS501 members and pursue an acting career. However, there are also opposing rumors that all the members of SS501 and the company have unofficially renewed the contract.

Furthermore, it is well known that Kim Hyun Joong is best friends with TVXQ’s Jaejoong. An unknown source said that there was a possibility that Kim Hyun Joong will enter Jaejoong, Micky, and Junsu’s current company. In fact, it’s been said that Hyun Joong and Jaejoong are currently living together, so rumors has it that the two best friends are currently cautiously contemplating about Kim Hyun Joong’s future.

Also, Kim Hyun Joong recently met with Bae Yong Joon. Netizens are now wondering if this meeting had anything to do with Hyun Joong’s contract. However, a representative of Bae Yong Joon clarified the situation, saying, “The meeting was strictly personal.”

Another source claimed that Kim Hyun Joong will leave DSP Entertainment, but will continue to be a part of SS501 and participate in their promotions and activities. This is similar to what the members of Shinhwa are doing right now. god also had a period when the members were in two different companies.

DSP Entertainment is currently trying to compromise with Kim Hyun Joong by saying that they will be fully supportive of his acting career while he is still a part of SS501.

There are too many rumors and speculation to know what Kim Hyun Joong will decide. We will have to wait until June for his final decisions!

As much as I hate going into gossip, there are some ground to where this rumor came from.. don't you guys think?

From the past news I posted a few months ago, (Let me link you guys to it once I find it) DSP is one of the companies listed that have unfair contracts...

Recently there have been stars that leave their own companies to move into others, or even creating their own. Whether it was because of unfair contracts, finding their own selves, etc... leaving companies is a big thing... Well for me that is, because it's just a crazy idea for me still. (I mean if we're living at this moment a decade ago, I think many would be like, omg that's impossible to be even talking about leaving your company esp if you're an idol o.o!!)

When I first heard that Hyunjoong has been meeting with Yonsama, I was all-giggly because I remember Lettuce Sonata. xD~ But with this news, I realize that maybe, Yonsama himself is advising Hyunjoong on what he will do after his contract expires. I don't think it's on acting though ^^;; You know what, I actually had this thought that maybe BYJ wanted to have HJ under his wing.. o.o;; I know.. crazy.. but rumors like this makes one think about its endless possibilities. ^^;;

JaeChunSu case also gives a good ground on this suspicion. In my opinion, if I was Jaejoong, I would tell Hyunjoong about how I'm feeling being in a contract that treats me well, you know what I mean? They live together and I don't think they would avoid talking about stuff like that.

As far as I know, JaeChunSu are fairing well even without SM. Jae is on a Japanese drama, Yoochun got 2 dramas going on, Junsu just released his first ever single. On the other side of the spectrum, my hubby Changmin is on Paradise Ranch and Yunho just had a US tour and a drama. All of them are pretty okay as far as where their career is going. The only difference is.. they are not overworked... and then all members to me exude this happiness.... Not the happiness I see when they're on stage, because I know they're always happy when they're on stage.. But it's a different kind of happiness. The one that comes with contentment, and self-satisfaction. Right now, I see them taking their time knowing themselves, and they look... happy.

Do I think they will remain as DBSK, maybe not today, but in the future? Yes.
Did I hate the fact that they're not together as 5? Yes.
Do I think they're growing as the artists they wish to be? No doubt about it.

Again.. There are endless possibilities. Whatever happens, I hope he will go to the choice that makes him the happiest. :) Rumor or not, this news just made me write a very very long comment which is like a Ssangchu Heaven record!! xD

Anyways, what do you guys think?


Leonor said...

Whether he decides to stay with DSP or go to another company, I hope he is able to get a contract that will provide better working conditions and more freedom to decide on the directions he wants to take as an artist. As an afterthought, maybe if he is no longer with DSP, the chances of working with hye jung will get better. just wishing...

Anonymous said...

OMG?! honestly I still want him to stay with DSP together with other members, but the only question is that we don't know what he really want when his contract come to an end.. well, I think the only thing we can do is to respect whatever decisions he made as long as this makes him HAPPY! wish him all the best...


GaGa said...

Hi SH,
Honestly, I think his contract may split into two parts:
The music part will stay in DSP w/SS401, of course with much better profit share, and working condition (the boys got the bargining power now!!)
The drama/movie part, he may go for an agent that is expedite on the field.

The End of the day, Hyun Joong is the Hot Icon at the moment, he took almost all the #1 on the poll he is in. And I think he knew that, he is a wise man, he will make a wise decision.
And don't forget, he got his Buin with him too, remebered what the fortune teller told him? He has to listen to his woman for his success!!

Let's Give a Little More Patient, the turth will turn out very soon!

tetsu girl said...

i thought DSP was one of the companies that didn't have unfair contract? SS501's contract was oly 5 years, instead of SM's 10-13(!) years. i think DSP had some of the standard artist limitations in their contracts, but the new law forced all the companies to remedy them, right? btw, when did JaeChunSu sign with a new company? are they even allowed to when their SM contract is still in legal dispute? @_@
anyway, all the boys seem pretty content with DSP, despite its frequent lack of PR, marketing, and media control. -_-; they are all extremely loyal. but as long as SS501 remain together, i guess i don't mind them finding new business deals?
all i know is that SS501 means just as much to the members as it does to the fans, actually more, so none of them would leave. <3

ssangchu_heaven said...

Ahh~ my comments over there, Ii forgot to write about how I love SS501!!! please don't misunderstand that I want SS501 to disband o.o~~ certainly not :o!!

leonor; i think that's also one of the reasons why im looking into this rumor positively.. coz he will be free to date.. and hopefully its Hwangbo haha!

leiron; i believe dsp is working with him right now on a new contract.. well at least thats what my sister told me. let's see in a couple of days the nes about this ^^

gaga; the problem with split companies is that.. i dont think dsp would want to split HJ esp if he's a hot item.. you know what i mean?

ahh yes! LOL! and yep, we'll know about the truth soon.. right now, it's just a very interesting topic to me xDDD~~

tetsu; hmmm sometimes its not the number of years that's unfair. it can also be scheduling, money shares, etc. i think hyunjoong has been overworked ever since bbf started... im not saying its dsp's fault but, they control his contracts and other events, right?

i think they're still on their way to their lawsuit, but basically that's the case... they're doing their own things right now :)

I also believe ss501 is a tight knit group, and im not saying im okay if they'r gonna disband :o

oh no that's not it at all!! i love them as ss501, but my comments written in this post are nearly why this rumour can be true.. liek the positive side of it, since a lot has been looking into it negatively ^^;;

Anonymous said...

It's a new awakening for entertainment companies, as the nOw idols are no longer passive about their careers and what they seem to want from it. As most of us know, Kim Hyun Joong ran away from home because he loved music. So why would he like rules that are constraint and unconditional? He knows whats fair and whats not. One of those rules is dating, and from what I read somewhere, he would like to go clubbing with his girlfriend. A person is only young once, so when does that happen for idols? I'm just happy that he knows he has options, and I think with the rest of his members they will make the best possible choice.