Monday, May 17, 2010

Kim Hyunjoong In A Car Accident

It was revealed that SS501’s leader and actor Kim Hyun Joong had been involved in a car accident recently.

DSP Media said on the 18th, “Kim Hyun Joong was driving and he had a friend with him when they crashed into another car. He suffered injuries to his ribs and also got a lot of bruises and abrasions. Due to his injuries, it will take two weeks for him to recover fully. At the Dream Concert on the 22nd of May, he will only perform ballad songs from SS501’s last album.

The dance moves will be too hard to handle in his condition so he will sing the ballads Let Me Be the One and One Day on stage.

It looks like their album might have to be delayed to early June instead. -allkpop
Hyunjoong, get well soon... ;_;


Anonymous said...

get better my baby :(

Anonymous said...

OMG, I was reading another article and it said the 12th (?) Glad he wasn't hurt too bad. I know the friend's identity might never be mentioned, but hope that person is ok. It just seems like he's been having bad luck lately...
Hyun Joong, please take care of yourself better.

Anonymous said...

OMO! I'm really surprised about this news... hope and pray for his fast recovery..

Buin, your Shillang need you.. your love and care is really the medicine for his full recovery :))


Anonymous said...

I got a little bit shock and teary when I read the news.. I hope he get well soon..
And Hwangbuin, I hope she will be there to treat him..
If the news is right that Hyun joong got an accident at 12th, how come there are no news at all for almost a week? Maybe he didn't want make us worry.. or DSP tried to cover it..
but I also curious.. whom is the friend he had been with? I hope it's a man and not a woman..

Sunshinecrush said...

Oh no.. get well soon my dear! Take good care <33

Miss joongbo so much, as always.

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

hyunjoongie.....u always like that!
make my heart hurt knowing that ur hurt! HJ...take care ur self orait? hmm...being like this i so wish that HB unnie will be by ur side and not some1 else... ^^
but still....HJ...get well soon ok?? don't get injured again!! it makes my heart hurt u know...and all joongboers heart painful!!!
to the worlD!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Recover soon, oppa..I've had a minor rib injury before, but I don't think mine is as painful cuz you were actually driving, the impact would be more. you should be taking longer to recover. i know how it feels when you can't breathe and a sharp knive stabs in the lungs, sometimes the pain even comes back.

hope you'd get the best ginseng chicken and care from the best as well.

I hope his friend recovers well, too. We worry so much about oppa, we can't forget he had a friend injured, too. I'm sure right now he'd be more worried about his friend than himself.

I just hope he won't allow himself push his physical endurance too much, like before.

thank you, SH for the news. you're an angel. -love, genlisa

♥ciK-t0ge ♥ said...

p0or hyUn j0ong..
d0 n0t be s0 careLess aGain ya..
:) we l0V ya..
d0 n0t waNt u t0 get hurT aNym0re..

geT weLL s0on... :)
saRanGhae.. :P