Wednesday, May 5, 2010

With Contract Expiring, Why Kim HyunJoong Secretly Met Up With Bae YongJoon?

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SS501, Contract expires 8-Jun

Widespread of rumors about going solo, etc
Management company explained “they’re friends”
Movement hereafter gets urgent attention

‘Hallyu star’ Bae YongJoon and Kim HyunJoong having met up secretly in the middle of the night makes the interest now focused on group SS501’s movement hereafter.

Both of them who are accompanied by a few close personnel, had long hours of talk in a place situated in Gangnam, Seoul on 28-Apr. When the fact became known, their management companies explained “They have met 2 or 3 times in the past before. On that day, it was merely meeting up with close friends.”

However despite the explanations given officially by the management companies, with just the meeting of the two of them, views such as ‘Isn’t it that Kim HyunJoong’s position and standpoint has changed?’ has appeared in the entertainment industry. Kim HyunJoong’s close source said “Kim HyunJoong will usually talk to his ‘role model’ Bae YongJoon whenever he has important things.”

SS501 is currently under the management of DSP Entertainment with a 5-year contract expiring on 8-Jun, which makes it about a month left before expiration. Some rumors have emerged about Kim HyunJoong going solo after the end of this contract, thus there has been sudden interest in the entertainment industry on SS501’s movement in the future.

In addition, coincidentally right after the meeting between Kim HyunJoong and Bae YongJoon, SS501’s new album release date has been delayed. SS501 originally scheduled to release their new album on ‘501 day’ which signifies their group name.

With regards to this, DSP Entertainment’s representative told Sports Donga on 3-May through a telephone interview “The new album is about 90% done. However we still need a little more time so we have to postpone from the original date decided, but the album would be released in May. In return for the disappointment that the fans had, we released some photos from the new album photoshoot” breaking the rumors about the group and their position/stand.