Monday, May 24, 2010

SS501 "Destination" Released!!!!!

The album "Destination" has now been released online!
Please support the boys by purchasing their album!!!

Here are the previews to the tracks *w*~~

Let Me Be The One

Let Me Be The One (Acoustic)


Crazy 4 U

Love Ya

Let Me Be The One is my absolute favorite


Anonymous said...

SH: I'm in the U.S., what site do you recommend for us to purchase the 'Destination' album?

Wonder if KHJ is playing the guitar in the acoustic version of 'Let Me Be the One'.

I really like this song, altho' I've heard the original English version. Love their remake.

Nancy said...

^^hey u can get it at they said many times that sales DOES goes toward korean sales charts! or u can buy it online for digital sales

=p said...

I concur! Let Me Be The One would have to be my favorite!!

superammy said...

thank you very much ~~ really love let me be the one acoustic version ^^ ss501 jjang!!!

Anonymous said...

i really love this mini album: all the tracks are so good! I really think it's the best k-pop album i've heard this half of the year. I was listing my favs: Let me be the one, love ya, crazy 4 u... and then i realized, oh, that's the whole album ^_~

dear hyun joongie!! hope u're recovering well! take care!

GaGa said...

Some say Yesasia's sales count towards Kpop chart, some says no!
I saw the statement at Yesasia site, they do say that they get their album through Korea local distributor which count towards Kpop chart. Anyway, that's the only way I can get their album here in Canada, so, I still gonna buy through Yesasia.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the songs! Im very impressed with this new mini album.. Oh if you haven't already, you should check out hwangbo's episode on a recent show (with all girls i forgot the name) and one of the girls on the show mentions khj and wgm.. She looked so shy and cute when it was mentioned oh and khj's new samsung cf "who are you?" is so cute! Check it out~ :)

Anonymous said...

As A Man MV NG's of cute!