Thursday, May 20, 2010

SS501, New Album Jacket Photo Released, Filled With Masculine Beauty

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5-member male group SS501’s new album ‘DESTINATION’ flaunts with a different type of appeal.

On 20-May, SS501’s company DSP Media released the members’ image from SS501’s new album ‘DESTINATION’ which will be available online for reservations from 24-May onwards.

This album contains photos of natural concept and there is a special edition album that contains photos of their matured image wearing Europe style suits. With a concept called good and evil sado masochism (SM), the normal edition will consist of black white image of their intense yet sexy appearance.

‘DESTINATION’ is an album co-produced by USA, Europe and Korea, with world renowned producer Steven Lee leading SS501.

SS501’s new album will be released by end of May, prior to that they will perform on Dream Concert on 22-May. They are also planning for a autograph session on 28-May.