Thursday, May 27, 2010

HJ & HB Recent Pics


GaGa said...

What Happened to HJ on the 5th Photo? It's very obvious his left eye is much swollen and looks much smaller compare to his right eye!
Very Awkward!!
*Sigh* Just suspicious.....
Doesn't this looks like a swollen injury after a hit?

GaGa said...

I didn't realize the 5th photo was released on 24th, when I read from liezle's blog, I didn't find the difference cuz the photo is much darker and smaller, now, SH uploaded this HQ photo, it's quite obvious to spot the difference.
Did anyone know when did they have this clean suit photos taken?

Ssangchu Heaven said...

Now that you've said it, you're right.. They do look uneven.. but it can also be the angle? I dunno..

I am not sure about when they took this photo though.. Hopefully not after the accident.. That's just not cool at all ;__;

Anonymous said...

Hi! SH, While looking at HJ pics, it's really not look good,you can really see the difference from his past pics, maybe coz of the accident? well hope not... HB always look pretty, I noticed that she look more younger..