Monday, May 31, 2010

I need your feedback! (Plizzzu)

Sooo~~! I just found out that I've been using the old editor for blogger! :o I updated the blog to a new one and it has so much features!!!

One thing that interested me was the "Read more" button, which I thought would be helpful for the really long photo spams that makes viewing hard for some readers that have computers run a little bit slow. (and actually on my computer, the site runs slow as well when I have 30+ pictures on the front page o.o)

Would you guys like to have the read more button? Or you're fine with the full on posts on the front page? Please tell me!


[Btw, a sample of a post with a read more button is the one prior to this one ^^]


Anonymous said...

Nah. I like the old system.

=p said...

I think whatever is easier for you should always be priority. If it runs slower for you, then maybe you should do the read more button. But thanks for asking for our opinion!!!

SH...I'm extremely sarcastic but everytime i visit your site...I make an extra effort to be nice. I think maybe you're contagious!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; well that was easy! xD and i kinda like it that way too, since i'm a person that doesn't like too many things to click xD

but i wanted to know if others like it another way coz my brain.. is from a lot of things o.o~~

=p; i think i'm just impatient xD~ and no problem! hehe~

haha! i'm pretty sarcastic too i think.. but hwang buin made me think about tweaking some things! try to be nicer, try to cook, maybe exercise a bit LOL!

It's a cascade of awesome things in the joongbo world!!

sleep_deprived said...

hello!! i'm a new joongboer.. i know it's kinda late but i became a fan of this couple a few months ago but i preferred to keep silent and read this blog almost everyday coz of its interesting updates..i'm a fan of another korean couple but, i think being a fan of both wouldn't hurt right??? :)

..anyway too much for introductions, I also prefer the read more button coz my computer usually slows down when i open multiple sites including this one...tnx and more power to the SSANGCHU COUPLE!!! <3

Anonymous said...

I don't mind with "the read more button" but can you make it more "eye catching" ? like "READ MORE" in bold red so we won't missed anything inside it... ^^

Anonymous said...

I don't mind old system, but it might be helpful for those with slower connection if you have the read more button... also I would advise to make it more noticeable so people who scroll quickly won't miss it XDD

Anonymous said...

i think which is easy for you is better..but i prefer the read more so we would miss any photo and story...:0

Anonymous said...

we're fine with the old post!!! whatever makes it easier for you since you're the one working hard on all of this and we're just your loyal avid readers ^_^

Joongbo fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

well, I would say what is convenient for you, since we are at your liberty, lol. But, change is always good, and sometimes better.
BTW, thanks for keeping us frequently updated(bows).

Anonymous said...

SH, both work for me. ahem, i dont have internet lag prob, ahahaha.

maybe i just have to make myself to get used to it. and could you make the Read more link larger or more prominent? i squinted hard before seeing the link. :D

and thanks for being my #1 source of JoongBo related news.

babypam_08 said...

Hi SH, I believe read more would work be easier. This way more Joongbo news is accessible to its fans. And I agree, emphasize the "read more". I almost missed out the sample hehe!

Anyway, thanks for always keeping us up to date. To the world!

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

herm..i like the older version. long as i can sneak ur blog! kekeke...SH...thanks for ur hard workd and everything! really i mean it!! love u! ^^

Annery said...

I like to see all in a page, I do not like Read More button... :)

elaine said...

hi! addicted JoongBo-holic here (just recently and counting).. anyway I prefer the read more button :D but whatever you prefer would be fine as well.. I just love updates :D :D thanks!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

omg thanks for all your input guys! i appreciate all the feedback i can get when it comes to me fixing the blog ^^

sleep deprived; oh welcome to the joongbo world! *throws confetti* and there's no problem about liking other couples, i'm a fan of a few myself, but obviously joongbo is the number 1 in my heart xDDD

ah~ i see! i usually do that too.. and sometimes i have 20 tabs of multiple things lol.. mostly when i'm browsing around dbsk blogs haha!

anonymous; GOOD POINT! let me figure out how to tweak that link, maybe even make the button with hj & hwangbo's face in it lol!

anonymous; i think so too! hmm i wonder what kind of attention grabbing button i can make it into o.o~~

anonymous; alright another vote for read more! :D thanks for helping out :)

anonymous; hehe alrighty-o! and joongbo hwaiting!!

anonymous; at your liberty? xDD that's a funny quote lol! i think i may do one week of testing the change out and see how people respond to it? what you think?

anonymous; a fast computer user!! haha! squinted? whoa~ how small are your fonts? :o wait actually how small are the fonts im using here then? o.o~~ are you on a really high definition laptop? mine actually makes everything wide, maybe that's why i thought the fonts were already big when on some it's not? :o *nervous*

and you're welcome! thanks for visiting the blog!~~

babypam; you have a good point there.. i can have about 10 news in one page if ever read more is added on! haha and yes! a bigger font it is!

untouchable girl; i see we have mixed comments about it xDDD~ i'm happy to hear from both sides though! and lol! the blog will always be accessible don't worry xD~ lots of love for you too! thank you so much for the response :)

annery; hihi thanks for your response! i think its because it's more straightforward? there's also an older posts button.. neh?

elaine; better late than never that's all I can say! thanks for your feedback!!~ i will all re-read all of the responses and hopefully make a wise decision xDD

thanks again everyone for responding!!~~ and i would be glad to hear others thoughts on this too!~~

btw another banner should be up soon :DDD

GaGa said...

either way is good for me, but could I make a suggestion on the music box? Could you make the volume of the music box lower? When I visit your blog at work, I'm on my earphone, and it reach the max, I almost got deaf! And I couldn't control the volume from the player.

Anonymous said...

for me, what is comfortable and easy way for you.. we still love and feel excited to read/visit your blog.... btw i agree with Gaga, kindly put a volume of your music box... take care :D FIGHTING!