Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas indeed.

Sorry guys, I don't have much time to update but
I wanted to at least share LVK's latest work.
Great, isn't it?


fudgeorange said...

First to comment!!

@Meme: Hey! How's the new wifey? ;) Yo, No need to say ssory!!! of course we understand! =P Thank you so much for posting LvK's latest work! Merry Christmas to you and Tommy!

We're gonna get our SSangchu Christmas! ^^ and New Year...and Valentines..and all-year round!

Here are some oranges for you!

Have a great married life meme & tommy! thank you always. :)

@LvK! Yo!!! THANK YOU! tweetmate! so creative!! weeeee!! such a lovely couple. I think shillang ssangchu would like to have a copy of this. seriously. LOL. Merry Christmas again!!! you make our wild fancy hearts sing!

Cee said...

Oh holly jolly christmas!!!!!! Awww very prettttttty :D

Anonymous said...

Meme=p. I'm sure you're in honeymoon, right!!! Have a wonderful memory of your honeymoon & Merry X-mas. Thanks for posting LvK's photo work for us even though you're busy.
LvK, a beautiful X-mas photo. I love it that HB is so sexy on the picture. Somewhat, HB's twitty messages with her friends show us some hints. Just beautiful two people. Let's celebrate X-mas w/ all JBers. Merry X-mas all JBers around the world. To the world. Justin.

Ssangchudream said...

Oh definitely the best one for me, lvk. Nice!

Anonymous said...

hi meme! shouldn't you be in your honeymoon? merry christmas to you and tommy...

to LvK.. thanks for the early christmas treat..

a merry ssangchu christmas to all!!


GaGa said...

Meme, Yo Woman!!
You even post in your honeymoon???!!!
Go Enjoy your sweet sweet time with Hubby!!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Did you have a great wedding?!! Let us know later when you got back from Honeymoon.

@LVK, Great as usual!! I know you are looking for a half naked HJ to PS in, I think if you could find a white shirt one of HJ would fit in too, bottom line, he is the one who said his ideal is someone who wore a Man's white shirt and tiding her hair back!!

Anonymous said...

wow~!! cute!!

merry christmas~!!!