Friday, December 17, 2010

take a number.

You idols can pursue her all you want
but you gotta stand in line first =p

*LVK...we think you 're pretty awesome!


Anonymous said...

stand in line............a long line buddies!!! waughhhhh...i loves all the news about them lately!! to the world.

Anonymous said...

Omo Omo!!! Wow!!!!!!!! They're so beautiful couple. They look like Brangelina couple. LvK!! you have so awosome skills to show us & make us happy. I feel pain when HJ doesn't contact not frequently. I know he is busy; however, he needs to think what is the important notion in his life. I wish he could learn some from OJH, who made HB so happy. I'm sure he'll have a jealous feeling after seeing the love pursuer. From this event, I hope their love life would be bloosm like WGM times. LvK!! You should send it to HB's twitty account w/ this picture on it. Thanks for making us so happy. I'm praying for thier love life.
Remember HJ said he could not understand when he watches movies or DVDs, he could not understand why people cannot be together if they love each other. Justin.

Anonymous said...

LvK is totally awesome
tq for making my day

Anonymous said...

@meme, you should prepare for ur wedding but you still give us so many things here till the end. we are so very very grateful gurl...

rest well so you'll be extremely beautiful on ur BIG DAY!


fudgeorange said...

LVK unni, you rock! as much as wuri ssangchus! yo coolness! *hugs* thanks so much! Weeeeeee! more, more! wishing for a ssangchu christmas is still ongoing!!

It's kinda weird,I think you picked up my signal/frequency, hahaha I was really hoping you'd do somethin similar to this -- you know, the all-black outfit. lol. mental telepathy?

@MEME: yo girl! thanks for taking time to post this! haha. regards to bel (coz she's kinda MIA).

are you a lil bit nervous right now...was this some sort of stress-reliever? lol.

God bless!

To everyone who posted: to the world!!! still rooting for ssangchu christmas, but we could also have a ssangchu new year right? hahah.. and ssangchu valentines! the number of paper cranes hasn't ended just yet...;)

LvKprogram said...

@fudge...Of course! more ssangchu christmas, ssangchu new year & ssangchu valetines!

@justin...always thank you for your comments! btw...are you Korean like me?

@kikay14 &@arons...thank you!

@meme...Thank you for posted JB PS even though you are super busy with the wedding. Lot Love meme

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm a Korean like you are. You always make us a happy mood when we have gloomy feelings realted to HB & HJ. They're the number one couple who made Korean people happy. Most Korean people including all top celerbrities & SS501 members support HJ & HB. We need to pray for them to be protected by God. They are matched by God. God is in control of all universe. God knows their hearts & their actions to the underprivilged people to serve when they need. They're perfect each other every aspect of life as a couple. God'll protect them no matter what kinds of difficulties we have & they have. God is in Charge. I want to see more beautiful pictures & let's spread pictures to the world, so people can see them esp. HJ & HB.
Meme-Your wedding day is today right. God bless you & your hubby & future your children forever.

GaGa said...

Thank you very much to LVK and MEME!!

Always update us all the Ssangchu News!!

Happy Friday!!

MeMe, Hope you'll have a Beautiful Wedding, and Everything is going smoothly and as what you want for the BIG Day!
Congratulation Again!

kiani said...

@Lvk, thank you for the wonderful Ssangchu artwork, you are awesome, always giving us much joy.
They do compliment each other, don't they?, very beautiful.
..and OJH, wasn't he cute on Love Pursuer? I think some KHJ fans are happy someone else is showing their affection for HB, xDD. But, I think KHJ will be paying a visit to someone, wild fancy.

@fudgeorange, maybe you can give him some of your oranges, since cucumbers aren't in season, keke...

@meme=p, girl...Tommy needs to hide the laptop from you, haha...
..wishing you much happiness, go show some to Tommy, keke...but, we still love you.

..everyone, be safe, dress warm.. the world!

Anonymous said...

Hwangbo, marry with OhJonghy or Yunho please! says:
December 23, 2010 at 2:50 am
Yunho, you should give up something for her now! this’s important time to hold your lover. no more time to waiting cause she is too late to ready wedding and baby. if you love her enough,you can do it, we support you; if you love her but cann’t do it now, that is your love isn’t enough so she is angry in fact. we know you are not care money but care these staffs and partner who job together, but you know you are not the god. sometime you should to hole the key for yourself. after that you can do it again. you must marry with her cause only she is your wife. we think Oh jong hyuk is good man too. he is handsome and perfect job as actor and singer, but we know you love her long time and only her. cause you only love her so we support you , cause Oh jong hyuk is the first idol who ask her to marry so we support him too. we believe she is waiting your propose now. if you can give her your propose, she’ll answer you that we sure thing. you’d better take your brave and go to do it now!!!

Anonymous said...

Hwangbo should select the better idol to march her?example Yunho or Oh jong hyuk who are the best handsome man in Korea now. they have the correct life and attitude. and kind to her friends and family.
Kim hj is lack of the responsibility ethics and single-minded. he look like a cheater who play game with us. we dislike him again.