Thursday, December 2, 2010

[Video] XIN MSN Coverage of Hyunjoong's Arrival

they zoomed in on the poster HIHIHII~~!!
good morning everybody! xD


Anonymous said...

HI!SH :D ... really THANKS for sharing this video, honestly, i am so so happy, i always replaying it coz we can see when HJ grabbed the joongbo poster.. this is the best sign right?

joongboers fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

..and could actually see in other vids where he was checking out the poster. He's made Joongboers happy again. How does he always seem to do this, when we are at our darkest moments (fate?)....
It was funny also, cuz I read on another blog, Hj didn't know the fans there at the airport were for him, apparently, 2am was also arriving in the same airport, but different terminals.