Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas...with whom????

Rispa has given us readers a heads up about an online poll for Hwangbo.

<STARHWABO > -Xmas, with whom? 

I'm assuming this is a poll to determine who the majority of voters would most likely want to spend Christmas with.
Our lovely Hwangbo is currently in 2nd place. 
Let's take this home for her =p
1loveHB has been tweeting about it, so let's do our share.
There is no login to vote and it takes but a second!!

To vote, click on the button next to HB's name and a green dot will appear.
Next, click on the button next to the number 118 in the bottom right corner to cast your vote.


Anonymous said...

off to vote!!! Yay hwangbo unni!

Anonymous said...

She is above 90% of the vote. Justin

jjyy738 said...

The link doesn't work anymore. Can you post a new link?

meme =p said...

jjyy738-thanks for letting me know. I just posted up a new link. Hopefully this one will work =p

Anonymous said...

hahaha just cast my vote!!! OMG, she got over 90%!!! Fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

uhmmm...I cast my vote, hope it was for the right person, heard HB was ahead in the poll, so just voted for the one with the most votes.
The writing is in Korean, can't decipher which was her name, think most of us had the same problem (sighs).