Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hwangbo on Strong Heart

This episode of Hwangbo on Strong Heart has been a hot topic the last few hours, some fans are a little sad, some in disbelief, and some hopeful.  Don't be discouraged, I think this is a good sign.  They've said before that there was no contact yet it turns out that he has in fact contacted Hwangbo to wish her a Happy Birthday!!  Regardless, whether it was last year or the year before, even with his busy schedule he REMEMBERED her birthday.  That confirms to me that she is pretty important to him =p  Hey, you never know, in a couple of months we might find out that they may have accidently ran into each other somewhere *wink* wink*

*Thank you Choufy for teaching me how to post a video!!! Yay, it only took me forever =p


mei said...

I feel the same way Meme. We keep on finding tidbits and after the successful Singapore mission and hwangbo's I M POSSIBLE tweet....anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Could she meant that he texted her a birthday wish during WGM? remember the first time he texted her was to wish her happy birthday. or did she mean that he contacted her after WGM?

J.J. said...

meme i had resent email! :)

lk said...

She is lying and her body language exposes her real feelings,too quick(too prepared) and too many blinks(too nervous), and the guests of the show are the best witnesses,the way they laughed not because of her answer,,is the way she hides.. I guess most of them know their "relationship".this is not the first show that made me feel like this!

GaGa said...

I have the same feeling!!
Keep Believing!
To The World!

GaGa said...

I thought you are too busy preparing your wedding that is this coming weekend!!
Congratulation Again!!
Wish you have a Happy Wedding!
Have Great Weather!
All the best!!

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ lk 100%. If she said yes we have contacted with each other, there would be a top news in Asia now like crazy. Also, she wears the black & triangle shape of the ring. HJ was wearing it when he had PK last fan meeting. At that time, they were talking about kissing scences. At that moment, he was a real shy, and then he was looking at the ring on his ring finger due to guilty feeling. Why did he look at that time while they were talking about kissing scences? At that time, I knew the ring has significant meaning to him. He was thinking about HB. Justin. TO THE WORLD.

Choufy said...

You're welcome Meme :)
and thank YOU for the video !
I can't watch it right now but I'll definitally check it later...

Choufy said...

You're welcome Meme :)
and thank YOU for the video !
I can't watch it right now but I'll definitally check it later...

fudgeorange said...

First of all, dear Meme, yo my sister's sister! a few more days until the B-I-G day!!thank you so much for making time for us, for this blog-- thanks to Tommy too, he even took time to participate in some of the previous posts.. May you both have a blissful married life! Congratulations Tommy, Best wishes again Meme!
God bless you as you start your new family! have a great time!

now for the comment: lol.

@lk: I agree. haha.. but I know, we understand them :) "and the guests of the show are the best witnesses,the way they laughed not because of her answer,,is the way she hides." - same sentiments. I mean, I think it has become an inside joke.. or there was some irony or mild sarcasm (whatever you call that) added to it... by the audience or hb herself. I dunno..

but HJ said in an interview they saw each other once, I dunno if he was kidding - but he asked her how she was.

hahaha..those zany ssangchus are pulling us into their world!c'mon the jjang couple's probably tryin to ssangchu olympics with their avid followers too. ahhaha..

Segyero! ^^

fudgeorange said...

Question: We got married?

Kim Hyun Joong: As for our utmost effort, the third album for the comeback wasn’t favourable in market or well received. Then after that moment, I did the variety program “We got married”

Caption: It is nice because riding on the variety program “We got married”

Kim Hyun Joong: There wasn’t any script to go about. So in the program, I could only use my sincere of my own self personality to do the program

Caption: For the sake of his wife, he portray his true self as a romantic husband

MC: In the program “We got married” it portrays an elder sister and little brother couple relationship, Kim Hyun Joong, it brings freshly new to him his manhood as a husband, with his 4D humour and really romantic

Caption: With Hwangbo became the Ssangchu couple. It is really widely praise, rave and accepted

MC: There wasn’t any practice or coached, it was natural performance

Question: After “We got married”

Kim Hyun Joong: There were a lot of people who asked why I divorce Hwangbo. There is some perception that some people thinks that we are not a make believe couple and to some that they are so engrossed by it, I am really want to thanked them graciously

MC: The youth with 4D humour through “We got married” from an idol star to becoming an audience great potential well loved star

Question: Have you met with Hwangbo recently?

Kim Hyun Joong: No so long ago, I passed by Hwangbo. I just asked “How are you” and as she was driving pass in her car. She stopped her car at once

Kim Hyun Joong laughs

Question: What type of girls?

Kim Hyun Joong: A very frank and outright type of girl. Marriage should be about…..30 years old?

Anonymous said...

betsu-betsu no michi ni aruku kedo...
wish the best for hwang buin,
wish the best for shillang,
fighting! ^^

Anonymous said...

The people around her were laughing when she said that..That mean they know something behind the answer..but they are 'covering' her.Her friends must have noticed the obvious changes in her appearance and life after WGM.Her social life,her words,her twitter,arrangements of her cyworld have changed since WGM.Whether they are communicating or not I strongly say that they are always related.

Lil' Sue said...

Meme..thanks for uploading this..I'm having problem to watch this on youtube. I tried to save it but for it just CANT be uploaded lols...

All the best for your BIG day..
Have a BLAST!!! (^_^)

Jamie said...

Peeps!! Saw Hwang buin's clothings.. find it similar? Reminds me of HJ & WGM

lk said...

high five all above!hehe!

fudgeorange,thanks for the interview,will that be in their home parking lot?haha!not pass by,but waiting for?

Justin,haha,the black & triangle ring,why triangle?papa,mama and little Ssangchu?hehe!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree with lk..I hope really true they became real couple..I wish..hehe