Thursday, December 2, 2010

[Video] The Face Shop Conference At Marina Bay Sands


Anonymous said...

0:11-0:32 interpretation.
Well, I'm looking both a body shape and a face as well. however, if a girl has a beautiful face, her body shape is not good, vice versa. Therefore, I like an average girl w/ both. This is what he said directly. I think he was thinking about HB, who has a killer body shape and a beautiful face. She has so many talents as well as HJ. They are matched equally by God. They are very much comparable to each other every aspects of their loves lives. Ssanchu love forever. Justin.

kiani said...

haha...I guess he actually observes, would it be behind those dark shades, checking out girls, lol. It's funny, but I think most guys feel the same, I remember a guy friend telling me that once. But, yeah, we all saw who made his heart flutter several years back.

Anonymous said...

I notice this with guys too though...XDDD