Friday, December 3, 2010

hwangbo's tweet.

Hwangbo has been awfully quiet on her twitter lately.
However, coincidently around the same time the SP Joongbo-er's 
were accomplishing their mission..she tweeted:

I'M possible!

Yes, you are Hwangbo, you are definitely possible.
Hmm..wonder what she is referring to?
Regardless of the circumstances, it's good to see her tweeting something positive.


Anonymous said...

She looks so pretty in that picture. She is incredibly beautiful inside and out. Hwangbo you can do anything you put your mind to. Love you much.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that she was answering to your entry titled "Impossible??? Very possible?"

Anonymous said...

and the irony of it, the fan signing event yesterday was held at

meme =p said...

@anon 2: Sorry about the confusion. That entry titled "Impossible?? Very possible?" was inspired because of her tweet. I thought it was fitting that she tweeted that almost the same time the Joongbo-ers were accomplishing their missions. That's why I titled it that.

@anon #3: lol, it is ironic is it? not???

zaphira_calin said...

Is this picture photoshopped? Because this is what she wore during the first day of ant tour right?

Jayne said...

What's her twitter? o.o

Anonymous said...

i really feel that hb's tweet was an answer to hj's interview when asked if he goes for the looks...he answers ==
"Giving the question a second thought, he added, “I don’t particularly go for supermodel looks. I feel that on the average, usually when a lady has a very beautiful face, she may have an average figure. When her figure is outstanding, she may have an average face.

“But no, I don’t have a particular liking for a very beautiful face. I usually go for the average,” the bemused one chuckled."

pls indulge me and my joongbo heart.. because hj answered that it's difficult to find both a pretty face and a wonderful body.. HB tweeted.. "impossible? I'm possible"... :D == am i right or am i right? hahahaha