Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I see stars....

Do you see what I see? 

Thanks LVK for giving me the heads up,
it saved me from searching the portals for spazzes.

Also, LVK was so inspired from this particular spazz...
Voila...another masterpiece!!


Anonymous said...

Wow first to spazz,xDD
and I love to see stars..
as Joongboer's stars are significant to us, right? Isn't it a coincidence they both are wearing red with their stars, haha.....

To The World....

Lil' Sue said...

WOW!! is this a coincidence??? Star necklace..???
And red color??
Hwangbo looks awesome with the red dress...enuff to steal lots of men hearts..hehehehehe...

LVK- amazing pix ! I really wish they can go on stage together for a REAL husband and wife...

Anonymous said...

Meme, HJ And HB have been spotted wearing the same black cap. Pictures can be found in soompi. Thought you might like to know.

Anonymous said...

woah ! they have the same necklace?? i don't think this is a coincidence. maybe KHJ bought that necklace for hwangbo. oh how i wish! kekeke ~

hwangbo is so beautiful and gorgeous KHJ so handsome ♥ love them both.

anon above-can you give me the link where i can see KHJ and hwangbo wearing the same cap?? if you don't mind. ^^

Anonymous said...

guys do you know that KHJ is sick right now??. that's why they cancelled his flight in taiwan. well its not that serious but, we should pray for his fast recovery. and we know that he's been busy lately, going in and out of the country will surely make him sick and exhausted.. so let's hope for his fast recovery. ^^

how i wish hwangbo is beside him nursing him like what KHJ did to hwangbo during the old days..

Anonymous said...

Hi #4! You can see at the Joongbo soompi. There are pictures.

Meme-p! You came back from the honeynoon. I'm sure you have wonderful time w/ your brand new hubby. Thanks for coming back & updated here.

LvK! You have awesome skills to make us happy all the times. We want to see more your works for all JBers, HB, and HJ.

God! Thanks Lord for helping HB, HJ, and all JBers around the world. You're in control in the universe. You see & feel HB & HJ's hearts and help them to be served YOU LORD. Thank you LORD and please keep them peacefully and continually to serve you LORD. They show actions by serving the underpriviliged people LORD. I'm praying with JESUS name. Amen.

All JBers! Have a Merry Christmas and happy new year. We come from different parts of the world; however, we have one mind & one heart to our lovely couple like brothers & sisters. Fighting!!!!!!!!!. To The World. Justin.

Anonymous said...

thankkk yooouuu sooo mucchhh !!! ♥♥ ^^

Anonymous said...

Lvk, job well done.

kdj said...

glad I "check-in" here ^^
saw that pic of HB this morning & first thing I purposely checked on her was her accessories.

and of course, dear meme,
"Yes I saw what you saw!!" *giddy*

the necklace instantly reminds me of his star earrings (which also noticed on HB) which lead me to think maybe the star accessories was somewhat like a set... at that moment I had mental note to check any related post expected, this post proved it!!! *satisfied JBer*

LVK, love your masterpiece! <3
It makes me happy~ ^^
thanks guys jjang!!

btw, @anon4: yup, I read the news on Kpop too...poor HJ, he works too hard & did his more idol that I knew "work till you drop"...haish...wish he'll get better soon... it wouldn't be great to start new year being sick after a long year of hard labor work >.<

GaGa said...

About HJ not going to Twiwan on Dec 26th,
Hmmmm, I actually doubt if he really got sick? There's still a few days before 26th!

So, My guess is he want to spend his X'mas with someone special!! Other than someone from WORK!

Also, maybe he really got sick, after watching Love Pursuer. I wonder how many Home Appliances got broken?! (This time, I don't think only the TV broke)

From one of the Chinese Translation of the show stated (sorry, I forget where I found the translation.) Hye Jung said, "My Tom Curise at home would go to kill him"

That sentence make me giggle!! Who in Strong Heart said he want to be Tom Cruise in his next life?

For the statement above, I have to re-watch the show to re-confirm, but when I read the chinese translation, I'm all giggling.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you GaGa on your comment about wanting to spend xmas with someone special other than someone from work.

After I read the news that KHJ was not going to Taiwan and it was cancelled and he going to be in Korea for christmas I was thinking along the line that he want to spend christmas with HB.

I hope he get lot of sleep and get better.


lk said...

Thanks LVK & Meme!
Justin,the thing that I was talking about in the chatbox is exactly the title of the Infinity Girls coming epi,pregnancy and motherhood,please excuse my wild fancy!Again,why triangle,why three stars?Hehe!Anyway,God bless our Ssangchu couple!And I wish all of us have a wonderful X'mas 2010!!

GaGa,I really want to know where they live,then I could open a Home Appliances store near by.haha..Oh ya,I heard Tom Cruise too!

ituaza ;) said...

i saw.. i SAW!!!!
OMG.. i'm excited... and super duper happy to see this..
coincidence?nahhh... i don' think so..
i really think that they actually stillkeep intouch but they don't to tell anyone about it.. haha ;)

Anonymous said...

Couple necklace???..^_^..hmmm it seems like KHJ does not like couple tee but doesn't mind wearing same color and same accessories.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this is for the joongboers who watched HB in strong heart saying that she isn't in contact with HJ.

It's like a message for us, sorry I had to lie to you.

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

happiness~ n stars is over flowing in my head~ kkk....i always believe!!! n will always be! hahahaha.....hwaiting!!!!to the world!!! woohoooo!!!! wooot...woot..!!!

kdj said...

owh GaGa *hugs*

I actually did thought about the same thing but you nicely put them clearly in words - your written ideas are much more really spazz-worthy~~ I love it!!!

thank youu~~~~<3 ^^

GaGa said...

And did anyone spazz about the latest Twitpic from Hye Jung (on Dec 27/28 Morning)??!!

The Snowy Scene somewhere looks like a resort?!!
And her Twitpic title is,
"While You are Sleeping"

Hmmmm..... Who is sleeping still? In the late morning??
Aww.....I'm in all Wild Fancy.....
I hope She and He enjoy their holiday...TOGETHER

I found this English word is amazing "TOGETHER".... "To Get Her"
Hyun Joong....Make Sure "To Get Her"