Friday, December 3, 2010

Spazz update!!

In my excitement I posted Nho4 & Kikay's fan account before they had a chance to edit their work.  I'll repost them after they've gone over them.  Sorry, ladies =p  For those that haven't gotten a chance to read about today's event, here's Rispas version of the wonderful Joongbo mission.

For the past 3 days, we were basically planning new stuff to attract HJ's attention. 

For today's events, Gniniuh, snolaxy and alca came up with the yellow stars with Segyero in hangeul written on it while Herbstea and I were upstairs waiting to enter the fansigning venue and doing last min touch up on H's poster. 

I had 3 envelopes to give to HJ: 2 letters from alca and gniniuh and 2 pics of very beautiful HB. Behind these pics, I copied HB's new song title "I m pretty" and wrote our international Jboers twitter and soompi names again. I forgot to take the final pics and i tried to fit in and rememeber as many possible. These 3 envelopes were left with the other HJ's gifts and will be send by TFS to Korea.

This poster was finally place upfront (Thanks to irenecwailan)where HJ could see it clearly from the stage. 

Meanwhile, i was also passing palm size pictures to our Jboers to give to HJ during autograph session when we will shake his hand after he signed but alas..that part was cancelled as the autograph session went along.

As we eagerly waited for HJ to arrive, the MC (Ken from 100.3FM)was keeping the fans entertained by asking questions and throwing autographed posters. One of his question was: In the drama "We got Married" who was HJ married to...and guess what?? There were loud shouts of Hwang Bo. We were amazed and elated at the same time cos so many ppl know about HB! Woohoo!

HJ arrived and the events were moved along. I wasn't really looking at him to see if he was looking at our poster..need to check the vids again.

HJ was getting worried during the auction since bids were going up higher and higher with the final bids at SGD6500 and SGD6686. And he donated SGD6686 too as he was touched by his fans generosity. 

Time finally came when went up to meet him. I had a few letters passed to me last min and the yellow star where i stuck this palm size pic on it:
I went all the stuff on his table while he was signing and said Hyun Joongie..Segyero..and he went hehehehe. I took my poster and left. I asked Herbstea if he looked up after I left..she said yes but she wasnt sure ..hehe. Kikay was telling me that HJ also went hahaha......ha when she went up and said Segyero with the finger action.

The event ended with phototaking sessions for the auction winners and staff and crew of TFS. In one phototaking session, HJ was handed a baby girl to carry, but the girl was bawling her head off when HJ carried her..poor guy..he was clearly embarassed. This was the 2nd event I saw him being rejected by little girls..kekekke...

As mentioned by NH, Our 3 posters are headed for korea with the HJ pressies. Hopefully he digs them out and show HB his Singapore and Malaysia catches from JBoers..hahhaha..his mission from buin?

I was really surprise with HJ's receptiveness to us SG Jboers.

Thank you HJ!!

I would like to also say Thank You to Vanisia, Snolaxy, Gniniuh, Alca, Nh04, Hyunika, Herbstea, Tina, Qristina, Herbstea, Kikay, Irenecwailan for their efforts and determination in getting HJ to notice that there are still Jboers out there who supports the Ssangchu couple, eventhough it has been two years and faced many turbulent waters


Once again ladies, thanks for all your hard work!!  Christmas has definitely come early.


Anonymous said...

what is Segyero! Please tell me quick! :)

Anonymous said...

Segyero means to the world. That means to spread or extend their works or love to the Asia and to the world because they are both singers. Thus, they want to expand their fields to the Korea, Asia,international, and another planets such as Mars, Stars, or Zupiters.....Justin

Anonymous said...

Who are the ladies on the picture?
They look like JBSGs. Justin

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know kekeke ... Joongie ... You are just so cute ... Indeed ... To the world and the fourth dimension ... Fighting!!

eliza said...

thanks all SG joongboers for your hard work! at least we know now that he hasn't forgotten her. :) it's been quite a few years since their WGM but to me it feels like it was yesterday.

Anonymous said...

ohhh... I re-watched to last episode of JoongBo... now i realise To the World is pronounced as Segyero... All this while I thought it was pronounced Shiteru! LMAO!! Hehehe....

I wish they could do a reunion performance... maybe Get Hot again... for charity... since both are active in charity work... :)