Sunday, December 5, 2010

Update on fan meet in Malaysia...

(SSangchu Photobook - Ms. Auditor's Twitpic
* Hidy/Sue thank you so much for the update and the tip!!

According to our wonderful source, the fan meeting was held in two different shopping malls, The Pavillion and The Sunway Pyramid.  The event started at 5 p.m but there were fans who were at the venue since eight in the morning.  Wow, that's some dedication, huh?

Ms. Auditor one of Hwangbo's biggest supporters and fan was also there.  Not only did Ms. Auditor manage to be the only fan who received a hug from KHJ but she was able to pass him the SSangchu photo book, and signal the segyero sign.  Talk about a very productive day for her!!!  Yay!

She said he didn't speak but he did smile.  Let's hope someone captured this lovely moment on video.  

Thank you Ms. Auditor for giving us something to smile about.  

Also, Moleqre was at the fan meeting site so I'm sure she will have a fan account up soon.  If you haven't visited her is a link to her blog:

And if you are ever in need of a Hwangbo fix, Ms. Auditor has one of the best blogs out there dedicated to Hwangbo.

*As many of you may know, SH is doing her internship and won't have computer access until January.  I am not as diligent as she is and may not be able to post regularly and I would like to apologize first if I am a little late with the news.  If you have any news or would like to help with the blog...please feel free to contact me at


Anonymous said...

OMG, I admire and envy you MsAuditor, for the chance of meeting Hwangbo, not only once, but even twice,, with Kim Hyun Joong, "woah" JOONGBO. That's something some of us won't be able to do in a lifetime.
The Ssangchu Photobook looks very lovely, and I'm sure it is, cuz I seen the awesome job you did with the Calender for our Hwangbo.
Thanks ever so much for presenting KHJ with the photobook, it means a lot to us as Joongboers, you definitely are awesome.
hugs to all Malaysian Joongboers..

ICE said...

Ms Auditor, you are awesome. Lovely ssangchu photobk. I'm sure the first thing he will do when he's bck in korea is to show it to his buin.

Anonymous said...

Thank u so much Meme for your update. We now u have much going on but you still take your time out to update and inform us. Anything is better then nothing.

Anonymous said...

Omg...I'm full of love from HJ, HB, & all JBers from all of the world. TO THE WORLD. I'm wondering if the album is contained LvK's last photo work. I'm sure it contanies it. When he sees the pictures, he'll be so happy. Thanks million times to SGGBs & MAGBs. Where is the next destination? BTW, he'll be in USA in the next Spring. Justin.

lk said...

Thanks Ms Auditor & meme!Wow!Hehe!!