Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Here goes...this is the last Joongbo PS for 2010!
HB's hairstyle in this photo is normally adorned by married noblewomen in Korea way back then =p

Check the Chinese Zodiac link below to see how their 2011 year will play out.
HB is the year of the Monkey while HJ is the year of the Tiger


*Thanks again LVK for bringing in the New Year with a bang!! 
 Be safe and have fun everyone!!!


kiani said...

wow! love this photo, you never cease to amaze me LvK, thank you.
Yeah, another year is coming to a close, hopefully we were able to accomplish goals we set for ourselves. I read Ssangchu horoscope and their traits definitely match each individual person. Here's wishing all Joongboer's a very Happy New Year filled with love, happiness, health, and prosperity.
Thank you for the Ssangchu love we all share. Hugs...

ICE said...

Thanks so much to LVK & MEME. I love the pix. I would like to wish all joongboers a very happy new year. Hugs to everybody all over the world.

Anonymous said...

HB & HJ are beautiful with Korean tradition clothes (Hanbocks) for the new year. Thanks LvK & Meme for your considerations & efforts for our love HB & HJ to all JBers. You have awesome skills to make us happy always. Keep it up, so we can have a wonderful 2011 year as well. While closing for 2010, we've had distress for a while; howevr, I hope & pray that we have happiness & enjoyments in 2011. HAPPY NEW YEAR HJ, HB, & ALL JBERS.

fudgeorange said...

Thanks so much LvK! I was really hoping you'd make something like this...geez, I think we've been picking up signals.hahaha.. this is great! thank you. ^^

fudgeorange said...

I forgot! Happy New Year too! have a ssangchu-filled, spazztastic happy new year!!!

Anonymous said...

love the pix! lvk you never fail to surprise us!! happy new year everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

Haewon the pic they look so cute in their national costume..Hwangbo is soo pretty.

Thank you too meme for keeping us updated with joongbo news

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all, may uri couple keep us busy spazzing this coming year..hoping we'll get some good news this year
(fingers crossed)

Anonymous said...

Really love what you did here LVK. . . And I love how Shillang put his arms around Buin with his hands awkwardly touching Buin. They are such a cute & adorable couple, they look so good & beautiful with each other.
Happy New Year to all Joongboers! ! ! Still believing for these two.
BTW, just got hooked up with them for the last 4 months accidentally.
CHEERS ! ! !

J.J. said...

Hey Meme, emailed at your other account.


gracia said...

A Prosperous New Year to all of us! May we continually be blessed for the coming year! And may we continue to support HB and HJ!

kdj said...

It's already 1hr past 01.01.11 here in Malaysia ^^
Happy New Year~!!!!
Love you all~! *huuuugggs*

May this year will bring us more happy & great news of our beloved Ssangchu couple~!

We still believe~~~~ Segyero!!!

lk said...


babypam_08 said...

Happy new year! Joongbo fighting! Segyero!