Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Photo Update On HB's Cyworld and HJB-HB Tweets

-----December 8, 2010

HB: You should invite Noona to go~
HJB: Of course, Noona! If you're not busy please come.
HB: Yes~ Soon I will cheer for you ^^ You've worked hard
HJB: Because I am the best! Whoo~ha! Please tell me when you will come Noona.


Anonymous said...

it would be really great if she did go to cheer him on...I love their friendship!

Anonymous said...

someone should tweet baby that don't forget to invite his brother to come at the same time with sis-in-law :). ask baby to be a person to reconnect them together :)

Anonymous said...

HJB is a # 1 Joongboer. hehehe.
He should invite his big brother also at the same time. Justin.

GaGa said...

I think Jung Min is #1 Joongboer!
Remember the "Jing Jing..Jing Jing Jing...Jing Jing" (Get Hot) Video during SS501 Taiwan Promotion?

Young Saeng is next because of his reaction during the Thai Concert...

Kyu Jung happily follow Jung Min in "Get Hot Jing" Video, so he's 3rd.

Actually, in SS501, HJB remains to be the Maknae in ranking of Joongboer!

Don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ga Ga.
OK, Among the SS501 members, everyone of the brother-in-laws are ALL JBeros because nobody mentioned about PK or visted his PK filming sites at all. Look at Jung Min and HJB, they visited each other's programs to support each other. In addtion, HJB called to JM's one day' DJ program as a disguised teenage fan to congradualate JM. Also, JM went to Kuy & Young's fan meeting; however, nobody even mentioned a word anything about PK. In PK last fan meeting, HJ said that nobody called him while he was filming it. He also said that I'm a becoming bad guy that's why they don't call me. He added that after he finish it, he will start calling people. HJB & HB are real good friends. Anyway, HJB please include your big brother when your sister-in-law comes to your performance. Justin.

Anonymous said...

I really like Baby, OMG..doesn't look like a baby anymore, so adorable. This is my POV, but of the SS501, I think he's the sweetest, most caring, and just down to earth type of guy, doesn't try to be anyone he's not. I like the fact he doesn't try to hide his friendship with HB, and that he supports her, vise-versa.
I'm puzzled with KHJ, don't know why his members never mention him. I'm assuming he does keep in touch with them. It's just weird, cuz it's a known fact, the other members keep in touch with one another

Anonymous said...

Young Saeng said, he will spend Christmas w/KHJ & if Kyu doesn't have an appointment, he'll tag along.