Thursday, December 16, 2010

LVK's Holiday Cheer!!

What a cute Christmas card this would be =p
 It's certainly a great way to bring in Christmas!! 
 LVK you sure know how to make us smile.  


riley said...

Lvk you rock!!! That totally made my day. Im normally a lurker but i had to comment. Meme thank u so much...we know you are busy but here u are sneaking in posts! I visited ur other blog. You are so precious. Have a happy holiday!!! hope to see u and sh soon!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic Lvk.....thanks mmeme for posting it here

Happy Holidays to all Joongboers !!!


lk said...

Thanks LVK!hehe!Anymore?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture LvK!!
Thanks for posting the picture here.
Meme How is your wedding plan? Where are you going to honeymoon?
Have a wonderful wedding & merry x-Max to all JBeors. Justin

Anonymous said...

love my onnie, love the card ^^ fighting! may we have a sunshine happy holiday >_<


meme =p said...

Riley-thanks! DOn't worry SH should be back soon!! We all miss her =p

IK: just wait, I'm about to post her latest one!!

Justin: more day. I'm almost there!!!

miss auditor-lvk is great isn't she? But then your site is pretty great in itself!!

fudgeorange said...

LvK! haven't thanked you here yet... such a nice ssangchu christmas greeting card.. thanks! segyero!