Thursday, August 20, 2009

B2Y member HanYeon goes way back with SS501 Kim Hyun Joong

credit: k bites


A photo of Han Yeon from upcoming 4-member group B2Y posing with SS501 Kim Hyun Joong has been circulating online recently.

It was known that the 2 had trained together during 2001 and 2002 and the photo was taken during that time. It was known that HanYeon was selected out of 500 participants during Mnet audition. He has gained popularity even from back then, with a fancafe of 10K members set up for him.

It was also known that HanYeon, who is known for his great dancing skills and together with Kim HyunJoong got through an audition from an entertainment company and were preparing to debut as a 5-member group together. Back then HanYeon was decided the team leader and Kim HyunJoong was the youngest in the group.

But the group did not get to debut and Kim HyunJoong debuted first as part of group SS501.Meanwhile B2Y will release their first minialbum on ‘나!원!참!’ on 20th August.


jackuon said...

i never knew HJL was originally part of another group. i wonder why they didn't debut? it must've been weird to go from being "magnae" of one group to "leader" of the next.
anyway, good luck to the new group. ^^

Anonymous said...

HJL's nose look difference before the debut.

@sarie@ said...

Jackuon ..i think u such an antis of HJ..please just stop..ure comment just hurt us T_T

jackuon said...


i am truly shocked and hurt that you think i'm an anti of anyone, much less HJ! D: i am a huge fan of his and SS501 (and HwangBo and JoongBo), and i would never say or even think anything bad about them! ;_;

please tell me what i said that hurt you, so that i can explain or re-word, because i swear i didn't mean to say anything negative. i really do love and support all of them. =/