Thursday, August 27, 2009

Uee “LeeMinHo – KimHyunJoong, are both very charming”

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Popular female group After School’s member Uee (21) talked about ‘Flower Boy’ Lee MinHo (22) and Kim HyunJoong (23) charms.

Uee finished filming the omnibus styled Anycall CF with Lee MinHo and Kim HyunJoong earlier this month. Uee appeared for 2 out of the 3 minibus CF, as lover of Lee MinHo and Kim HyunJoong respectively, showing her naturally lively and cute image.

Uee who had to undertake the role of commercial film model with topstar charismatic men was asked “Who is your ideal type between Lee MinHo and Kim HyunJoong ?” and she compared each of their charms, “Lee MinHo is an oppa who is meticulous and takes good care of others. Kim HyunJoong has a peaceful charm while being blunt.” And said her afterthoughts on the filming, “Though they have opposite image from each other, both of them are very charming/attractive.”