Monday, August 31, 2009

SS501 Successfully Ended Beijing Fanmeeting, Promising To Meet In 2010

Credits : China.ibtimes + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

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On 29-Aug, popular Korean idol group SS501 ended their Asia Tour – Beijing fan meeting successfully. This is the first time SS501 came to Beijing for fan meeting, and is their first step into China music industry. They are preparing to hold their Tour concert in 4 cities in China next January, so this Beijing fan meeting assisted them to check on their popularity in China.

SS501 arrived in Beijing at 9.40am on 29-Aug, and went ahead with the rehearsal at the venue in the afternoon. The fan meeting started at 7pm and ended at 8.30pm.

SS501 performed their magnificent songs and dance at this fan meeting, making the long-awaited fans go high. There are 2 sessions of talk time during the fan meeting, fans get to learn more about SS501 through these talk sessions, and SS501 also expressed their plans to perform in China in the future.

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In the talk session, all 5 members of SS501 revealed the ideal type of each other. First, KyuJong revealed JungMin’s ideal type, “JungMin likes a girl with short hair and wears a black t-shirt.”

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JungMin walked towards the audience to find the short-haired girl, and JungMin who is more lively and mischievous, suddenly ran towards the translator and hugged her. That is because the translator is short-haired and wearing a black t-shirt.

Next is leader HyunJoong’s ideal type, “HyunJoong prefers a girl who wears white one-piece dress, and a good wife, loving mother type.”

Kim HyunJoong revealed Heo YoungSaeng’s ideal type, “YoungSaeng likes girls who are petite and cute.”

Lastly, HyungJoon’s ideal type is revealed “HyungJoon likes girls who have great body and wears mini skirt.”


Credits : China.ibtimes + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

As a popular idol group, SS501 first visit to Beijing to hold a fan meeting can be said to be a check on their popularity in China for their future plans. According to reports, SS501 is planning for a concert tour in 4 cities in China in January next year, but the cities have not been confirmed yet. Fans are highly anticipating SS501’s future activities in China.

SS501 expressed after their fan meeting, that they thank fans in Beijing-China for their support, now that they are having their Asia Tour, they also hope to hold a concert in China. At the same time, members also revealed that they will be releasing their official 2nd Korean album in September, so they hope that fans will like their new songs and continue to support them.

Kim HyunJoong expressed “Even though the time for fan meeting is short, but we really felt the love from all of you. We hope that we will hold a SS501 concert in China in the future. In addition, we will be releasing our official 2nd album next month, so hope that our fans can like our new songs and continue to support us.”

Heo YoungSaeng said “We will come to China often in the future. Our first visit to Beijing left me with deep impression so I am really happy. But I am still very nervous inside, hope that everyone can support us more.”

Park JungMin expressed “I already remembered everyone’s face today, so hope to see you all in our China concert next time.”

Kim KyuJong bowed to the fans many times to express his gratitude.

The performance would have ended but there was an encore due to the uniform cheers by the fans. After another song and dance performance, SS501 bowed and marked a close to their fan meeting.


Abbey said...

hahaha..hjl type...ahehehehe...who's she???? hmmmmmm....

jam said...

i really love this fanmeeting! he's description of his ideal girl is sooo hawangbo-ish and plus his STAR earring is a wow!

joongbo fighting!

jackuon said...

Wow, this is the first time (to my knowledge) that HJ described his ideal type as "a good wife, loving mother." He's always just said, "like a friend." It's like, before, he described the girl he'd like to date, and now he sounds more mature, describing the woman he'd really like to be with. =O Aww, I guess he really did mean it when he said that HB changed the way he feels about marriage. <3 Because, like HB, HJ acts tough but is actually a sensitive soul, so I think he needs someone who's as nurturing as they are fun. ^^

Of course, HwangBuin fits all his descriptions: like a friend, cool, tough, comfortable, fun, competitive, kind, pure-hearted, good wife, loving mother, and even the part about wearing a white one-piece dress (she looked so pretty in that dress she wore to the beach on their honeymoon, plus their house-warming and wedding photo shoot)! Ahh, I'm going crazy~! XD