Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kim Hyunjoong "Please Be Good" Performance

The screaming was crazy! haha!~


Anonymous said...

i'm at a loss for words. really. wow.

and what's up with that girl's hand after she slides back between his legs?

i get it, it's choreography, but i'm from the states and even i blushed.

soul said... word..HOT~

#1Hyunnie said...

I watched the vid this early morning as in 12:13am here in the Phils and I can't help but to scream too together with the audience. ahahha maybe my neighbors think im crazy,, KHJ is soooo HOT..

Anonymous said...

What can I say? (??)aishh!

"Words are not enough to describe this Man!"

Cool concert, Superb!

Hmm.. rushing towards adulthood?

Kim Hyung Joong-nim seems diligently following the plans step by step..and looks like the SShinlang is on track of the his :)

To Stardom;
>perform many concerts ,not only asia but around the world.
>The SS501,Release many superb album/songs.
>Recognition in field of acting/modelling but mostly singing.
>Earn Big Bucks!
>have Free concerts.
best one is SS501 TO BE KNOWN WORLDWIDE.


-"If ever he believe his work is done then he start [u]BACK at ONE[/u]."-

BUin-Hwangbo-Noona don't lose YOUR STAR!!!



Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; it's the sexified hyunjoong hehe~

soul; yes.. HOT!

hyunnie; lol!!! i watched it about 11 pm at my place too, my screams were LOUD. xDDD

anonymous; ahhh, i remember that interview when he said his plan! glad you brought that back coz he really is following through it!!!

and omg back at one is one of my favorite songs *w* JOONGBO FIGHTING!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I wish I was there.
I think I can't sleep tonight... WOW!!

elisa c. said...

that was amazing! HJL's a fantastic dancer! :)

MarieKim said...

H-O-T!!! I wonder what Buin thinks. Wait, does she even know about this? haha

MarieKim said...

H-O-T!!! I wonder what Buin thinks. Wait, does she even know about this? haha

kayleeny said...

omfg! thats too much hotness! O_O ! omg!

kayleeny said...

damn! i wish i was there to witness that!

kayleeny said...

holy crap! the ending?!! when the girl came... wth! that was freakin extreme!

yes i am jealous! and so should hwang bo!

liezylhinayon8 said...
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cati_21 said...

gosh i would have screamed like crazy too if i was there!!! hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Notice..the loudest screams are when KHJ does that crotch movement. LOL!

liezylhinayon8 said...

Yah I know his dance has a lot crotch movement

tahrehsi said...

this is like the 2984094 times I've watched it.. I can't get enough.. XD

@sarie@ said...

hiks hiks im so Sad cause after this dream concert my HJ is fall from his fame because HK incident that hurt so many Joongboers and HJ fans..hiks hikss T_T