Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hey guys! I'm back xDDD


I'm gonna be spamming the blog in a few minutes, but I'm gonna make a collection post with every news from the past few days!~ ^^

I just posted some recent ones :D But haven't done a collection post yet because there's a lot of news! *overloaded* I love the fact that the SS501 Tour kicked off well with 10,000 in attendance, but I'm also worried about DBSK at the moment.. I just found out about the law suit JaeChunSu had against SM ;__;

What I found interesting was the connection with Joongbo. Cassiopeia has been using "Always keep the faith." as their slogan on the lawsuit news, which is similar to Joongboers "Believe."

DBSK is going through these trials but on the recent press release, they mentioned that what they're fighting for is for their own growth as people and their freedom from the slave contract from SM entertainment. Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, Yunho and Changmin still wants to stay together as a group and they're asking the fans to believe in them.

Hyunjoong might not be in the situation DBSK is in right now, but we all know that Hyunjoong is still on the stage where he still needs to mature as a person, and maybe his "Idol" status is holding him back from showing how he truly feels. He didn't ask us for anything, but like what DBSK fans did, we have to believe in Hyunjoong!!! Believe in Joongbo!!!! Keep the faith that maybe one day our 4D Shillang and General Buin will really end up together!!


#1hyunnie said...

OMG! so glad your back.. you should have seen KHJ topless.. and soo hot! aahahha Welcome back sis.. :)

Ssangchu Heaven said...

hihi~ thank you!!~~ im having a HUGE OVERLOAD of news lol... i wanna see all the concert pics o.o

the shirtless pic omg... *faints*

claire said...

i'm glad your back SH! im a fan of yunho and i just read about the lawsuit news 2 days ago. you shouldn't worry! dbsk can get through this... we gotta keep on believing on dbsk and ssangchu. i want both to stay together always...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Ssangchu heaven. I'm very happy you're back. The picture of SS501 opening performance gave me the odd feeling, particularly the costume. It reminds me of Michael Jackson.

soul said...

i miss u SH...days were lonely without u and joongbo news.. :)

soul said...

by da way..wat is da news about DBSK lawsuit? anyone?

Anonymous said...

hello SH, how's your vacation?
here's update on our beloved BUIN

hope you'll post it here.


sunshinecrush said...

Hello I'm glad you're back!! =)
Thanks for all the photos and uploads!! Hyunjoong is so hot in his concert! Love him! =)

Anonymous said...

hi sh!! u should see the fancams of hyunjoong in topless!!! super duper HOT!!! *faints* hahaha

- sheryl

Azel~ said...

i didn't know that something like a lawsuit is happening in DBSK :[[

poor Oppas :|

DBSK - JoongBo FIGHTING !! :]

[ps. welcome back SH i waited for you for 2 days :]] glad your back :]

Ssangchu Heaven said...

claire; thank you!~~ and yes, i will continue on believing on dbsk and ssangchu!!

anonymous; joongbo fighting!!

anonymous; thank you!!~ it did remind me of micheal jackson.. also dbsk had a similar costume during their tour xDDD

soul; you know i miss you guys too!! and oh, jaejoong, junsu and yoochun are filing a lawsuit against their company right now ^^;;;

emy; HI!! It's been good, I am tan again! haha! thank you so much for the tip!!~~~~ will update about her asap!!!

sunshinecrush; thank you so much ^^ omg i love his solo performance xDDD

sheryl; i saw! omg! i nearly had a heart attack lol!!

azel; it's a sad thing T___T but yes, we gotta believe in them! and joongbo!!

hehe, thank you!! im glad to be back xDD i missed everyone~~!!

elisa c. said...

i nearly died when i saw HJL's shirtless pics... and i officially entered the zombie world when i saw the performance online... that girl is so lucky... hope he doesn't catch a cold though... they doused water at each other and at the fans towards the end of the concert.

cati_21 said...

welcome back dear! hugssss......

HJ is so YUMMY! hahahaha

and yes... im a big DBSK fan too.... they will get through this together!.....