Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kim Hyunjoong Nominated 3 Times On MNET 20's Choice 2009

On the 20 categories for MNET 20's choice, SS501's leader, and Korea's favorite Sunbae Kim Hyunjoong was nominated 3 times! Youths in their 20's will choose who is the icon for Korean culture today. The voting will start on August 5th, and the award ceremony will be held on October 28th. :)


You can check the full list of nominees/categories at k bites. And you can vote here.

Hot Drama Star (male)

* Kim Bum ( So Yi Jung - Boys Over Flowers)
* Kim Hyunjoong ( Yoon Ji Hoo - Boys Over Flowers)
* Yoon Sang Hyun (Heo Tae Joon - Queen of Housewives)
* Lee Minho (Goo Jun Pyo - Boys Over Flowers)
* Lee Seung Gi (Son Woo Hwan - Brilliant Legacy)

Hot Multitainer

* Kim Hyunjoong (SS501, Boys Over Flowers)
* Kang Daesung (Big Bang, Family Outing)
* Im Yoona (SNSD, You Are My Destiny, Cinderella Man)
* Lee Seung Gi (1N2D, Brilliant Legacy)
* Lee Hyori (Family Outing)

Hot Mr. Beauty

* Kim Bum (Boys Over Flowers, Dream)
* Kim Hyunjoong (SS501, We Got Married, Boys Over Flowers)
* Nich Khun (2PM, Wild Bunny)
* Yoo Seung Ho (Queen Seon Duk)
* Yoon Sang Hyun (Queen of Housewives)


tahrehsi said...

I would vote, but it's in KOREAN. :(

c_cube said...

Hello, we are preordering Kim Bum,Kim Hyun Joong, DBSK, Super junior collectibles. We are also preordering DBSK Please be mine making DVD and photobook. Shinee photobook too! We have other instocks too!

Anonymous said...

I know! Why don't they have it in English too?
Anyway, people who don't understand korean like me, vote for hyunjoong for the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009 yeah! :D