Sunday, August 2, 2009

[Part 3] SS501 Persona Tour Photos

Okay I'm officially dead lol!!
I feel like I'm betraying my Changmin with Hwang Buin's Shillang TT___TT

Oh my goodness, he's so HOT!!!

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You can download the photos once you're on the photobucket page ^^]









Anonymous said...

HOT! HOT! HOT! But is thata girl's hand? omona..

Anonymous said...

the pictures... *nosebleeds*

Anonymous said...

He looks

Anonymous said...


Azel~ said...

WOW! totally HAWT :\

but wait :]]!
no offence to fellow Joongboers out der :]

hwang buin's shillang needs to improve more :))! [cause its not that good unlike DBSK's :))!]

ahahah LOL!

aw well..

i wanted to know Hwang Buin's Reaction in this :))

another wait :))!

didn't HwangBuin already seen her shillang's top?? :]:]

Ssangchu Heaven said...

haha yes it's a girl's hand xD the fancam is the post below this one hehe~

he looked different to me too.. his face is skinnier than the time he took his top of on wgm, but then i think his body is more defined now!! i specially like the arms lol!!

azel; i heard about some reactions about the concert, but ya know that's their first day! im pretty sure they'll improve in the next few performances *w* dbsk made mistakes too on the mirotic and secret code tours hehe~

i love both groups so much!!! *fangirls*

omg i want to know what buin woul say too! and yes she did see his top already xDDDD

Dalisay Cruz said...

wowwwwww.... too hot for words!

Anonymous said...

He is HOOOOOOOOOOT and mature. can't believe only one year but he changed so much and become so manly.

tahrehsi said...

I was going CRAZY~~~ lol!

Squishieee said...

i hate the fact that he was being groped by a backup dancer xD

and for a second there i thought the backup dancer was hb LOL XD

Anonymous said...

he's really hot......very manly...I hope he will maintain this body.