Monday, August 31, 2009

SS501, "We're Going To China"

Credits:SS601 + (Chinese translation) julieann— + (English translation) SS5014ever @ WS501|quainte501

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SS501 will hold their first official fan meeting in Beijing, representing their ambition to develop in China.

SS501 will be holding their official fan meeting on the 29th of this month, at Chaoyang Stadium in Beijing, China, stepping onto China soil, officially arriving and developing their China market.

This activity is SS501's first step in developing the China market, they're prepared to tour 4 different cities in China next year January, so this fan meeting in Beijing is a test of their popularity.

The location for the Beijing fan meeting can hold 4000 people. A representative from DSP, SS501's management company, said, "SS501 has prepared many songs, and are prepared to let everyone present thoroughly enjoy themselves. Because the stage is 360 degrees, 4 sided, so the 5 members will sit in the middle of the stage and interact with the fans. Because this is officially their first step into the China market, so the chatting time in the schedule, will contain more interesting content to let the fans understand our SS501 better."

And after SS501 finish their China fan meeting, they'll be continuing their Asia Tour in Taiwan in October. Taiwan's concert will be held in Taiwan Arena, Taiwan's biggest location, fans will once again be able to see the charm of these 5 people. Apart from that, Hong Kong's tour is currently scheduled for November, in other words, in the following 3 months, they'll be spending it with the fans of the Greater China region.

The management company then mentioned, "Even though we've received invitations from various Asian countries since their debut but in order to strengthen their standing in Korea and develop the Japan market so previously we've never made any moves, but through the Asia Tour this time, we'll be visiting various countries, moving a step closer to interacting with fans."

SS501 will be releasing their official second album all over Asia next month, and will simultaneously conduct their highly anticipated Asia Tour. Also, countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, and Vietnam etc are also in planning stages.