Monday, August 3, 2009

Hwang Bo Debuts Arisong In Europe

thanks emy for the tip!!!~


Releasing your album first in China, Japan, Thailand, America, etc before your own motherland is perhaps nothing new to Korean singers and their fans. But in Europe? It was revealed today that female Korean singer, Hwang Bo has debuted her new song in England.

According to Shimty Company on the 3rd, "Ahead of her title track, Arisong release in Korea on the 18th of August, we have took the decision to release it as a digital single first in Europe. The digital single is currently available for purchase on JunoDownload, the world's largest dance music store based in the United Kingdom. The song even made it to No.2 on JunoDownload's singles download chart on the day of release (31st July). The song was written by Shim Tae Yoon and we decided on remixing the song in London to make it sound better. The album cover picture was taken in New York, America recently. You can preview the tracks below.

[There's an original, oriental and radio edit versions for Arisong!!]


GaGa said...

Hi Ssangchu Heaven,
I got the same news in Soompi, and I immediately brought the songs. I love it, it's a dance song, I can't wait to see Hwangbo to perform Live and see her sexy dance!!! I hope her album would be release release somewhere we could purchase on-line oversea, so that we oversea fans could buy her album and let's make her album sold out in hours!!!

=p said...

Hwangbo looks so smashing on the cover!!!

Btw..I noticed that HJ supports his cast mates from BOF and they return the favor. He has great relationships with all his colleagues..they show up for his events and vice versa. However, I noticed that Hwangbo and HJ are never at each others events. I think that's really telling. Like they really are trying hard not to be associated with each they are trying to keep a secret??? Is that wishful thinking on my part???

Anyways, I really believe in them!!! Thanks for your daily updates....i would totally go into Joongbo withdrawals otherwise =P

Anonymous said...

Congratualtion Hwangbo!Your Amazing makes ASIAN PROUD...your the best..if HJ conquer the whole Asia..go..go and conquer entire Europe show them your exotic beauty and your song. Let's Unite support our loving Hwangbo..

Dalisay Cruz said...

i really like the song...! i can't wait to see an MV for it or better yet, see hwangbo perform the song live in one of the music programs...

hanabi said...

Arisong Fighting !!!!!!!!!!!

HB jjang !!!!!!!!!!!

ssangchu heaven jjang !!!!!!!!!!

Lei said...

The song is currently on repeat in my player. I love it. Another good song!

Hwang Bo Unnie fighting!

tahrehsi said...

I really love the song.. its catchy and can't help to repeat it over and over again ;D

feliciana11 said...

I love her new single ARISONG...It makes me wanna dance hehehe...Go HB aja aja aja fighting!