Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hwangbo's Recent Cyworld Entry

screencap and english translation by: ssangchuholic


[Comeback stage is safely completed
Thank you to fans who came to support, twice the sense of self-confidence, gave me “clap-clap” more power
Although is just the beginning, but (i) will put in more and more efforts
Not only when I feel good waiting for good results, more over is because (I) can sing
So (I am) happy, very very very happy
There are people who listen to me singing, this is happier than anything
For doing a lot, for coming from places very far away, everyone who came to support me
Would like to express my gratitude to you, I will just write it here
Thank you for everyone for giving me the confidence to sing
Then we?
See you on Sunday~~~^-^ ]


cati_21 said...

how i wish I can be in her birthday party/ fan meeting today!

Anonymous said...

she is such a humble AND sincere person. I am so lucky to be one of her loyal fans !!!!

angie9705 said...

!!!!Hwang Bo HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Someone who has a good heart like you will always be loved. You're always beautiful and talented to me..

All HB fans and Joongboers are always here to support you all the way....we'll love every single song you sing....