Monday, November 29, 2010

rain, rain, go away.

How gorgeous is she in this picture???
We miss that sweet smile Hwangbo. 

According to LVK, Hwangbo’s latest tweet had a very disheartening tone to it.

Estella816 @manycho 첫사랑을 오랜만에 다시만나고 돌아오는길이었어요..이루어질수없는 우리사랑에 슬퍼하며 파란 컨버스패딩잠바에 떨어지는 내 눈물은 잊혀지지가 않네요.. 이정봉의 '그녀를 위해'신청합니다 (없으면 '아직 난 예쁘다'틀어주시던가요)
11 hours ago

LVK's translation: HB twit to @manycho
Returning from meeting my first love for the very longtime... We mourn for Impossible love. I can’t forget the tears that are falling on the my Converse Padded jacket.. I am requesting Lee Jung Bong’s “For Her” (If you don’t have it “I am still beautiful” will do)

Let’s hope that whatever is making her feel blue goes away soon enough.  We love you much Hwangbo and hope you feel better.  Remember, after the storm, there’s always a rainbow!!! 


Anonymous said...

yes, we love you very much Hwangbo unni!! Fighting!!

Anonymous said...

Is her first love the 8 year relationship, or the tae kwon do instructor? aish..I can't remember. Maybe her song is after all about first love, won't let her be. I'm going crazy, just keep her in our prayers and Korea's peace too.

Anonymous said...

i hope she'll be okay soon.. hwangbo fighting!!!


Kimmie said...

lets hope she is blue to promote her single ^^ i love her single!!!

Lil' Sue said...

Huhuhuhu....I hope you are feeling better Hwangbo unnie..

GaGa said...

Ouch!! I feel the pain from her!!
But she's very much open to her past love.
I'm sure she's getting through it already, otherwise, it'll be harder for her to speak it out.

Everyone said the first love is unforgettable, so, although she might get over him already, she's still remembered.

to Anon#2: Her first love is not the 8yrs relationship one.

She said in Olive show that she tried to grab on to her first love who went back to his previous gf. And that's the only time she did that to her lover.

She wrote in WGM (Pledge of Love - last point - to let each other see their first love, but not to tell anyone that the person was the first love)

On a lighter note! Out of My Wild Fancy, She's meeting her first love after such a long time, that means, she's letting her Shillang meet that person! Just as how she wrote in Pledge!!
One by One, they are both fulfilling what they said and promised in WGM!!
I'm amazed.

Anonymous said...

she's so adorbs in that pic XD