Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LVK's Photo Of The Day

To LVK Unni who has brightened our days this November.. thank you, thank you so much. There are many times this month that the Joongbo ship met tumultuous waves and howling storms, but you helped us hold on strong and remember that it takes both rain and sunshine for us to see a rainbow :) To the world!!!! Joongbo hwaiting! LVK hwaiting!!! (...and can I just say OH SNAAAAAP!!! on that middle pic over there?! O.O~~)

My time is up and before I leave…I just want to say…my deepest
heartfelt THANKS to SH & meme whom contact me and encourage me to
share my Photoshopped images of my favorite couple Joongbo on Ssangchu
Heaven where all walks of life can come together, and enjoy HB & HJ’s
whereabouts, events and most of all…spazzing.

Photoshop is used in almost all the print media. If you think
celebrities and models never need a Photoshop enhancement…that’s a
lie. Photoshop is essential to their career and the image. Click on
this link to see what I am referring to
Using photo enhancement tools & human skills…we create health
beautiful hair, glowing, smoothing & flawless skin…fix the eyebrows
evenly…reshape the eyes, nose & lips…I can go on and on. Just don’t be
fooled by everything you see in the magazines or posted in the
internet. That’s not how the celebrity truly looked.

One of recent "Hello Asia 2" interviews…HB was asked by Kib…As we can
see, Hwangbo has such a perfect body and is so gorgeous. We would like
to know how you take care of yourself and make yourself so beautiful
all the time. HB rely Ah…photoshop. Just kidding!! Hehe (this is one
of many reason I adore her!)

I do remember reading fan’s account awhile back…when the fans met HB
in person…they’re surprised by what beautiful & flawless skin she has.
Even more beautiful in person than seeing from TV or magazines.

With that being said…sincere thanks to all the readers who left
encouraging or negative comments…I thank you.

Like meme said…Let’s do what we can to support Hwangbo Hye Jung, Kim
Hyun Joong, Ssangchu Heaven and spread the Joongbo love. Because we
are Wild Fancy!



Anonymous said...

i have got to say that i am totally feelin' that pic of hwangbo and her idols ^^

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see more of your work. LvK!!
A wonerful job esp. Kissing one in the middle. Justin.

meme =p said...

Right??? i totally love that one too!!! Well, I love them all but that one especially..!!

LVK you always manage to wow me everytime!!

Anonymous said...

LvK...amazing!..full of wownesssss!...hahaha!!!

you made my day!!!...

Let's Wild Fancy Party!!!


Anonymous said...

This is my first time to thank you,LVK!Bravo!!:D


Anonymous said...

is there a bigger version of the wedding pic & the one in the middle (preferably without watermark covering the JBkiss)?

kiani said...

LvK, you certainly are awesome. I for one totally love your talent, especially when it comes to Joongbo and the WILD FANCY. I vote for the middle also, but for my own fantasy, I choose the Angelina of Korea and the eye candies, xDD. I love that photo.
Thanks LvK for sharing your talent with us this past month. Would it be ok, if at times I share your artwork in Joongbo Soompi? As I love spreading the love also.
Wild Fancy Party To The World...

Anonymous said...

Dear LvK..Thank you very much for sharing your great work with us here in SSangchu Heaven.When I first suggested your name to SH in the chatbox I was not sure if my wish to see your wonderful work would be fulfilled.I was like dreaming when I saw your name and masterpieces appeared here for real.Thank you LVK,I always pray for your success and happiness in your life.Hope you will always remember us here as your siblings ...me.

Lil' Sue said...

Dear LVK...

Thank you very much for sharing your art work with us here...(^_^) Eventhough it is just a photo but it is very heart warming to see those pictures and of course it will come true later...I appreciate all your work and wish you all the best in everything u do...No words can describe...Just thank you from the bottom of my heart..

Hugs hugs..

Anonymous said...

Dear LvK!
May I ask you next one as HJ is in the bed scences including the one he is on top of the girl. I hate seeing those pictures, but if you edit w/ your awosome skills to HB & HJ together. That'll be our good tastes as well. I'm wating for it. Thanks, Justin.

fudgeorange said...

Dearest LvK unni,

you're makin wild fancies rock hardcore! ;)

Pls. dont lose us... wonderful, creative photos...thank you for bringing visuals, for providing "life" to our so-called "wild fancy." hahaha, that logo's so cool, much more the photo behind it. LOL. I wonder how others will react to that. you just made me feel giddy, hihihi.

Btw, I just wonder how possible is it to make their "magical peppero moment" more magical...you know.. haha.

To the world, let's have a wild fancy ssangchu christmas party! ^^

fudgeorange said...

@meme: yo my sister's sister! lol. best wishes and congratulations to tommy! you're having your big day soon!!! pls. don't lose us! ^^
God bless you both! :)

thank you for writing/blogging when you have time...

to the world! :)

fudgeorange said...

erratum: I meant best wishes TO YOU and congratulations to Tommy! hehe. :D

meme =p said...

@Kiani & Lil Sue- her stuff is incredilble isn't it?
@fudgeorange-you are too funny!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much...
you don't know how much each and every pic you did, made my heart flutter and tumble and cartwheel and spin... they have brought me so much joy, i cannot thank you enough... komapta

Lil' Sue said...

Meme: When is ur big day?? (^_^)

tetsu girl said...

LvK, thank you so so much for sharing your remarkable talent and wonderful wild fancy with all of us at SH!!
i love all your work! (can we please have bigger versions of all these awesome pieces, especially the epic kiss one? lol)
although your month is over, if you have time, i hope you continue to share your stuff here! thank you!!! <3

meme =p said...

Lil Sue: I'm stuck with Tommy starting December 18th =p but who can think about that when KHJ just grabbed a Joongbo poster =P

Tetsu girl: LVK is stuck with us...were never letting her go!!! Also, I think I read something by you just recently, it was incredibly sweet and accurate =p

babypam_08 said...

LVK is the best! I want the wild fancy kiss pic too hahaha! Segyero!