Monday, November 1, 2010


Hwangbo has been getting much love and receiving lots of media and press attention for her new single but don't worry, we haven't forgotten about our fearless leader.  For those missing his charismatic smile, KHJ will be returning as Baek Seung Jo through the Playful Kiss Youtube special.  

These special 10 minute episodes will run every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursays, starting November 2nd.  Mark your calendars so you won't miss KHJ's charming portrayal of the stoic Baek Seung Jo!

For those still looking for the link...


J.J. said...

@ Meme/SH did you read this?!

OMO!!! :grins in a daze:


I was also stupidly happy he mentioned WGM. Thank goodness it doesn't go forgotten to him, ya know?

LvKprogram said...

Why is it HJ looked so tired in every picture posted in

He need a very long vacation!

meme =p said...

@J.J I did see it!! That's the first time in a long time hes mentioned WGM =p

@LVK he does need a long vacation. Hopefully with someone special. Then maybe we wouldn't have to depend on you so much for spazzes. Btw...just in case I haven't mentioned..thanks for the pics.

J.J. said...

@ Meme I think he said that he's been married twice, but this was his first time married in a drama. LOL some translations say that he was married in the variety WGM, but most don't put in that "variety" reference. XD

My heart swells that he always remembers. I want to see the clip of him saying that, just to see his body language.

Anonymous said...

It's sad, and I'm feeling bad for KHJ. MK should have ended with the drama. At this point, I feel he's being exploited because of his fame. For some reason the drama didn't do well, but yet they continue with YT. Why? maybe because of the large fan base he has internationally. Of course this is my own POV and I'm certain there are others who will disagree with me. But, he scares the hell out of me sometimes, when he starts looking weary.

J.J. said...

@ anonymous, wherever you go and whatever you do someone will always try to exploit you. some people are more comfortable than others--big or small.
And it's true sometimes i feel he's being exploited, but thats the line of work he chose and we've got to respect that. I mean what difference does it make when female idols have to wear short skirts?

This is precisely why First Love Story bother's the hell out of me. I feel like I don't get it. I get the Ready Action! It's description is "follow him as he explores barcelona" or w.e. but First Love? Is it like an RPG?

Can someone actually answer this?

--sorry for the rant.

Anonymous said...

JJ, you're right, my bad, it's ignorance on my part. I guess I shouldn't feel so bad for him, after all, he's a smart 4D guy, right? So before he signs the contracts, I'm certain he reads the details, and oh yes, mustn't forget the fine print. So KHJ being aware of this, he should give us his handsome self, not his tired self.
I can't help but think of what he always says, I will work harder and show an even more handsome me (what do we get?) that's my point. And oh, 'The First Love Story', I didn't get it either.
peace & love

J.J. said...

@ Anonymous I'm not trying to be derogatory or bitchy. I just wanted to stress that his line of work is what it is. And since leaving DSP, he's more in control of his schedule. I think KeyEast is a Godsend to him because they take really good care of him.

As for exploitation: contracts only stipulates what both parties do/don't do etc; it doesn't give the finer points--there's riders for that.

But on anycase, HJ's smart, he's been in the business for a while, and I'm sure since he's a person of conviction he can agree/disagree to do things he does/doesn't want. Take that BoF onset fanmeet. He was so righteously indignant not to greet fans because one of their co-stars just committed suicide and thought it inappropriate. I think it was his company that told him to grin and bear it, which he did with much noise, but only because the onset fanmeet was scheduled long before hand and the fans from Japan.