Friday, November 19, 2010

[English Subbed] If Hyunjoong Really Gets Married...

From the Playful Kiss behind the scenes :D
thanks jj for the tip hehe~

"When I get married, I will take cooking classes. I want to cook for her. If my Buin comes home drunk, I want to make her stew in the morning. For dinner, I will prepare a tasty steak and wait for her. Pour her wine... But this means I'm unemployed. She will bring in the money. *laughs*" - Kim Hyunjoong

Start at 6:18

I do know of a wife that loves drinking LOL
(btw this is one of my favorite episodes haha~ their conversation here is hilarious!!!)


Anonymous said...

There are totally different moods showing how to love and showing real love between the couples. The love in WGM shows what is a real love and how to give pure love w/o giving difficult or limit of husband' ability. Sillang felt by heart given by Buin's detailed love & take care of his health well. On the other hand, the wife in PK shows love as put handcuffs him so not to leave her and giving him pain. It's showed clearly that she limits her husband's ability, which is not real love. WGM fighting!!!

J.J. said...

<3 WELCOME~ <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about HB & KHJ WGM days as soon as I saw this part. It reminded me when HB told KHJ that she went clubbing and just got back home(forgot the exact words but it's something like that). I don't know but for some reason I thought he answered thinking of his Buin...^_^


lolly said...

I also noted this part when I've watched playful kiss behind the scene 1 straight away!!! love it love it!!! :)

Anonymous said...

i miss WGM right away..thanks for uploading the video right nxt to PK vid....
i don't know if it's just me, i heard HJ said yeobo...right after the scene where he gets the muffler from the coffee table...she looks at him...and HJ said lets go...the scene warms my heart cos she looks at him soo adoringly...


Anonymous said...

and he used "Buin" for wife! :D rather than just "wife" or "anae". Buinie~ <3!

Anonymous said...

Lol, Joongboer's have been talking about this subject, and I've been enjoying every minute of it, my wild fancy, xD.
SH, why are there so many commercials on the WGM vid? Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

Yes I get many commercials too, but I guess it's not something SH can control. Maybe it's Daily Motion :(

ItadakimasU said...

Heard him say buin in the unsubbed clipping... thought of Joongbo instantly keke ^^ love that he still uses buin!!!

Anonymous said...

In WGM,he called her all these,I guess he wants to declare as "I'm your man"!No matter what I called you,you're mine!hehe..
Hwang Bo noona,
Hwang buin,
my wife,
Hwang general,
Hye Jung,
Hwang Bo Hye Jung
we are the Ssangchu couple

but calling Buin on TV is to make sure people known who is the one he is talking about.:)

and the whole message is the things they did in WGM,
-learn a Japanese dish for her,
-sour candy for the hangover
-red wine(love shot)
-make dinner and wait for her at home(a day as a manager)

And the very last,a wife to wake him up in the morning!haha!Tickle..tickle..

Anonymous said...

I'm apologize ahead of time for the length but this is my first Joongbo blog and spazz moment so please indulge Me^v^
Ok, I am Joongboer anonymous member, none of my friends or family knows how much I love this couple and the numerous times I have re-watched WGM Joongbo cuts. I love this site where I get my Joongbo fix and know their are others Joongbo junkies just like me.
I love the conspiracies bandied about whether these two are together or not in real life but w/ the intense paparazzi in Asia I couldn't believe they could be together these past 2 years w/o getting caught. So sadly I resolved myself to believing that these 2 weren't together especially w/ Hwangbo recent single but this PK cut restored my faith.

The reason why is that when HJ was asked the marriage question he was looking at the interviewer in the beginning but then he pause like making some resolution and stared directly at the camera saying "Buinee" instead of "Buin" w/c is more formal. On WGM he would always call HB "Buinee" when he's either being affectionate or teasing HB. Plus the example he use was so untypical unless all Korean men normally fantasize about making "hangover soup" for their wive but I think HJ was trying to send a clear and personal message to HB utilizing what they shared together like "don't worry Buinee this is the good life I still promise you." And then in the end he look back at the interviewer and lightening the seriousness of his answer w/ a joke.

But he didn't fool me and now my faith is renew that these 2 are together. HB said she has to be married by 35 and HJ said he has to be married before he's 30. 29 and 35, the math sounds right. To the world!

P.S.Btw HJ also joked that HB made more than him on WGM. Thank you all for the spazz moment.

3FR1N4 said...

i am a joongbo fans.... really like the chemistry between them in WGM.... i also believe that there are "something" between them.

Recently, i feel that "they must have been love, but its over now" for joongbo. There are no connection between them.... there are no "message or signal" between them.... until i watched these PK making film and suddenly my heart trembling again... oh my God... its "joongbo's signal"... i can smile brightly again... he is a 4D's leader.... only he knows all the meaning of that sentences... to be good on cooking and make stew for drunken wife... so Joongbo ^^

now i will believe until one of them get married... To the World ^^

Anonymous said...

No. KHJ in his recent Japan FM, revealed that he changed his ideal marrying age to 36 years of age. He said something about wanting to achieve his dreams & doing everything he wants, maybe before he settle down. He revealed it after he signed in Keyeast.

Anonymous said...

Responding to 3FR1n4: So true we Joongboers should believe until one of them gets married. At least we don't have to wait so long to find out since HB is only 5 years away from her target marriage age.
BTW non-Joongbo, but does anyone know where I can download AnSol WGM (2nd favorite WGm couple)cuts? - the ones I found were broken.