Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[Quainte] WGM Joongbo Cut Episode 3 - Couple's Arrival At Their New Home

"He said he will be back quick so I just told him to come home safe. It was a nice feeling to wait for him... It was nice... Staying home alone didn't feel too bad." - Hwangbo Hye Jung

Download (179.73 MB) : Vimeo l Mediafire

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fudgeorange said...

Thanks again for sharing and uploading this SH!It's difficult to choose a favorite joongbo episode.I liked HJ's expression at the beginning of this ep. when he was being 'teased' by the hosts ('wuri andy' part). There was somethin cute about his facial expression, I got an impression that he showed a hint of jealousy or..a buin-has-some explaining-to-do...type of reaction. :)

mayzie said...


thanks for these video cuts!!!
Please continue to upload more. I really appreciate your hardwork and the effort is awesome :) 2 thumbs up!

again, THANK YOU!!!

mae said...

I really love his reaction... he smirked... i clearly see that he is jealous... hmmmm... i soo miss them very much... to the world joongbo!!!!

Kathy said...

WOWOW, thank you sooo much!!

I've been looking for hyung joong and hwang bo's WGM for ages~!! but to my dismay, there's usually missing links and what not. So this really made my day.

It reminds me of the good old days, hahah I wish they were still in WGM :D