Wednesday, November 10, 2010

[Photos] HB Cyworld Update + MissAuditor With HB + HJ For The Faceshop + WF Logo By LvK!

Gorgeous all day, everyday *w*~~!
Her skin looks amaziiiing~
[.. and is she using dolly wink lashes? i think i ordered the same pair!!!! woot!!]

from the 2AM boys to Hwang Buin~~~

beautiful ladies with hwang buin~~! 
missauditor is the author of "diary of an angel" 

waa.. i wanna see her too *emos in the corner*

darn you hyunjoong and your cuteness.. T__T

[Oh and for the details from our dear friends from the chatbox and nh04 about the Joongbo Mission in Singapore, I believe I read in the chatbox that details will be discussed at Nh04 also suggested to email rispas at, as she will be doing headcounts for joongboers who wish to participate. If I had any detail wrong or if there's an updated news about the Joongbo mission, please do tell :o! Hwaiting!]

kekeke~ this tattoo was made by lvkprogram for our wild fancies!!! WOOHOOO!!



meme =p said...

She looks incredibly pretty in that picture. I love the natural feel of her makeup.
I would normally have a problem with a grown guy wearing reindeer antlers..but dammit he looks cute!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

have you seen changmin as a reindeer? :o


meme =p said...

Haha. Why no I haven' thinks that I will have a change of heart about reindeer antlers =p

kiani said...

SH...So why don't we get to see changmin the red nosed reindeer?....xDD

...and HB, she certainly has been raining everywhere...heard she'll be singing a duet on the CHOCOLATE Show. And supposedly INFINITY Girls will be back, with Song Eunee & HB, not sure about the other three ladies. So happy for HB.

and....Miss Auditor, lucky lady...I think the second time she got to meet with HB "wow"

....and Joongboer's, don't know 'bout you, but I think I'm gonna get me one of those Wild Fancy tattoo, remind me someday....of how I thought I couldn't live another day if I didn't know the Joongbo truth, xDDDD.

michell ann said...


Anonymous said...

She finally looks worthy to be with Kim Hyun Joong. She normally looks washed out but if she looks like this more often maybe he will actually call her up.

It's because she looks way too old for him. That's why the fans dont want them together. They have no problem with JSM being with him.

Get mad all you want. I'm being honest. She looks good in this picture and the one with her fan.
Maybe if she looked like this all the time. it would be better for her.

Sa said...

cld some1 pls translate wat 2am wrote on the cd? i luv the luv that goes around with buin :)

LvKprogram said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LvKprogram said...

Anon...“She finally looks worthy to be with Kim Hyun Joong.”...what do you think HJ is...some kind of royalty? LOL

He is just simple man with enhanced feature. Without his career...he is average joe in the street just like us.

Any woman thinks they are not worth be with someone...she has a low self-esteem issue.

During WGM program...there concept was older woman/younger man. so program PD made her look older than she actually looked.

Remember...almost end of there episode...HB looked younger and younger

To me...HB is prettiest when she has a very lite make-up with straight hair.

I am a forever Wild Fancy!

Anonymous said...

"She finally looks worthy to be with Kim Hyun Joong".

I will take this comment from this Anonymous as he/she is not very proficient in English and is not really able to comprehend the full meaning of "looks worthy", hence used the word wrongly here.

Anonymous said...

My command of English is quite proficient. I am entitled to my own opinions. I like Hwangbo but her looks are not up to par with his. That is why his fanclubs get upset with the idea of them being together. I was merely stating that if she looked like this all the time then maybe his fans would not have such a big problem. Maybe they can even see that she is as beautiful outside as she is inside. This world is a tough place, you get judged for face value.

And another thing, Hwangbo fans can't take constructive critism. You guys get all mad and act righteous. That is why people have such problems with "joongbo-dom"

LvKprogram said...

Anon..."I am entitled to my own opinions." SO DO I!

"This world is a tough place, you get judged for face value."
This comment is very sad...if you feel that way.

Did something happen to you? Someone told you you didn't looked the part? Hmmmmmmm


Anonymous said...

@anon........If you have problems with "joongbodom" why do you visit places which have "joongbo" written all over 'em and We definitely dont need you're kind of "constructive criticism" as you call it.We are quite happy without your double edged comments and the world would be a better place without negative people like you.If i were a witch I would totally hex you with "petrificus totalus"....HA HA HA....Get lost troll.

Ryuuki said...

"Constructive Criticism !" we dont need it.Thank you.And I dont think you are qualified enough to criticize her.If you dont have nice things to say ....just ...닥쳐 !

nadene_bruha said...

oh gawd, another one of the overly crazed hj fan...

seriously anon, stop acting like hj is all high and mighty.

and lastly, you must be one sad fellow based on this comment: 'This world is a tough place, you get judged for face value.'--->i wonder how you look like to actually say something like that. you are so blinded by what you see on the outside. unfortunately and may i remind you, that's not what's important in this world. you say she's not beautiful enough for hj? who are you to judge? heck, why are you even here? based on what i know, this blog was made for hwangbo and hyunjoong fans, and you are obviously NOT one of us!

and if there are problems among the joongbo fans, it is their business, NOT FREAKIN' YOURS.

Anonymous said...

I know you are entitled to your opinion and thats why I didn't insult you LVK and ANONYMOUS.

I visit this site because I like Hwangbo and I like Kim Hyun Joong. I even like them together.

I am saying that the reason why she gets so many anti fans is because people don't see how beautiful she is. They just see her outside appearence and feel that she looks too old for him.

I visit all the sites and believe me you guys are just as bad as the "perfect" you guys talk about.

Can we say hypocrites?

meme =p said...

SooOO...SH those Dolly wink they really work?

Because I want to look half as great as Hwangbo.

kikay14 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@anon, i barely leave comments and if i see something negative, i try myself not to reply on it. You may have different interpretation of your post as how the reader interprets it but seriously, your post can really offend people as you are only looking at the superficial.

If you really feel that your intentions are not to insult HB or others, you can explain your post further and not bash anyone who defend HB.



J.J. said...

Omo, what was all that? :furrow's brows:
Thank you everyone for your opinions and that you feel safe enough here in Ssangcho to express them.
Net neutrality is for everyone, but please do mind your surroundings.

@ SH, I've got a bit of an essay I want to send to you lol... XD

Anonymous said...

To "Looks worthy" anon,

You're right. You and everyone else here is entitle to voice out their own opinions, but do you really need to shove it? Hwang Bo is a very beautiful woman, inside and out. I admire how she lives her life and if half of us can at least emulate her charity work,the world will be a better place.
I'm wondering how old you are.. Im HBs' age and I have led a life getting worked up on how good I should look for others but not for myself. But that's all in the past. Superficial things are not the most important things in the world, even in the celebrity world. Looks helps, but without heart and brains it will not take you to where you want to be in life. With that said, I just hope you will change your perspective in life. And if later on we will find out that KHJ is not with HB, I'm sure it's not because she looks old, it's because maybe he found someone he truly loves. Which will unfortunate for the Joongbo-dom, but until then just let us live happily in this "Wild Fancy" world peacefully. This place is a celebration of the "special bond" this two people had/have and as crazy as it might seem, we'd like to believe that our ship is still sailing. ;-)IHeartKHJ

Ssangchu Heaven said...

Most of the time, for people who leave comments that are not as pleasant to hear, I let a lot of things go..

But in this situation, anonymous#1, your choice of words are definitely demeaning and hurtful. Not only was it insulting to Hwangbo, but also to Hyunjoong fans.

Yes, superficiality is present currently, but you don't have to believe that shit. Who in their right minds would think that's okay?

As a woman, it is impossible to not be offended of your comment. I don't think there's any self righteousness going on here either. It is merely us explaining to you why it is unreasonable to "believe" that it is okay to judge someone's worth by looking at their face. That's just low. That's just so goddamn low.

You can't just generalize Hyunjoong's fans as people who are narrow-minded when it comes to young man/older woman relationships either. They're mostly Noona fans, dear. And do you believe that HJ fans would say, "Oh, with this makeup so she looks like she's 20, so we can just forget that she's actually 10 years older and be okay with them being together. hehehe~"

...Hyunjoong fans are not dumb. I'm sure they know age doesn't go backwards. Hwangbo will still be 30 years old. I'd rather her age gracefully, than this great idea of yours for her to forever wear ulzzang makeup just to be "up to par" with a younger Hyunjoong. I'm so sorry, but that idea is just plain dim.

On a brighter note,

Meme; i am not sure yet, but i did see sample pics! it looks very cute :) i wanna wear it for my costume lmao

Anonymous said...

@anon #1, of course, we all have our opinions (thank heavens). Of course, if you deface HB here, we will retaliate defensively. Further more, I think you have constructive criticism misconstrued. I hardly see it as demeaning someone. You obviously don't see it that way, but I hardly think you can make decisions for Kim Hyun Joong.
And yeah, you are right, this world is a tough place, but only because there are people who have opinions such as yours, placing judgment on someone without mere facts.
And yeah, you can say what you feel, but I believe in karma, so I think there are times when we need to really watch what we say or write about others. What we say or do today, may affect our tomorrow. And of course, that is merely my opinion. And I will remain anon just as well.

fudge said...

HB is sooo pretty! ^^ and HJ cutie!! Thanks for posting SH!!! and wow, comments are almost as many as the time Meme's Tommy posted...what's goin' on? hehe

@Anon1 "worthy" one - Hello, I think you were trying to be blunt or brutally frank, but obviously it didn't come out cute. Nice try though. It's fine if you just wanted to solicit reactions and attention from people like us who adore this couple. You're just an "anonymous" anyway so who cares right. ;) Never had a bad-hair day? oh lucky you.

"She finally looks worthy"-- to be with KHJ? wow! FINALLY? YAY to us! If that's what you think, can't do anything about it. Thank you for the compliment, and thank us too, didn't we just make you feel good enough because you thought your comment was reaction-"worthy?" wee! now you have something to brag about.. mwahaha.

Anyhoo, I could just skip your "finally," so "she looks worthy." ^^ but the usage of the "worthy" word kinda bothered me a bit. btw, is the guy already some god/demi-god to you or somethin?

Normally looks washed out? wohh do you see her everyday? and wow you're close to KHJ!!

Looks way too old? and whose fans don't want them together? "the fans?" fans like you? who are "they," who's "them?" "they" have no problem with JSM being with him? err..did that mean we have to please those fans? you're already an anonymous yet you kept using pronouns. Are you tryin to annoy us by beating around the bush? LOL! Are you one of 'em people tryin to sneak in to our happy blogs bec. we're like happy-happy-joy-joy and stuff? O.o I already know the answer yet I still ask, hahaha. what's up with me. haha

MAD? hahaha why would we get mad? You said she looks good in this picture and the one with her fans.
Thank you. Probably that's just how far your research had brought you. Well, thanks for the nice words you said...but whatever your intentions were or whether you meant them or not, that's not our problem.

Another Anon: Is this another you?

["I like Hwangbo but her looks are not up to par with his. That is why his fanclubs get upset with the idea of them being together. I was merely stating that if she looked like this all the time then maybe his fans would not have such a big problem. Maybe they can even see that she is as beautiful outside as she is inside. This world is a tough place, you get judged for face value.

And another thing, Hwangbo fans can't take constructive critism. You guys get all mad and act righteous. That is why people have such problems with "joongbo-dom" ]

>>> wow thanks for explaining and clarifying that to us. (cough*cough*)

oh c'mon tell us about the world bein a tough place kind of stuff, yada yada - like we don't live in the same planet...or... are we in the same planet?

uhmm...what's there to criticize?! what did she do?

We like this pair, we love our own, this ship. In good or bad-hair days. If people don't like this pair, then what could we do, right? we're not to force them...because we were brought here naturally.

I'm actually glad some people still get bothered by the thought that we exist. hahaha. you know like...joongbo's just this 'little' fandom from that 'little' show from 2 yrs back...

Ssangchu heaven - where stars collide and angels glide...
-- while sweeping the trolls aside..

Anonymous said...

"beautiful" is a subjective matter.What is beautiful in my eyes may not be beautiful in your eyes.The beautiful face and body will wither as we grow older,but the beautiful hearts,kindness,love,care,know-how,n brains will always be soothing and blooming,refilling for a more contented lives.That time when they grow old,fans are growing old too..just watch the earlier idols n we can understand what I am trying to convey.All my love.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with you Anon.My grandma is very old, my mother is also old.When they were young, they were so me.Though they are old now, my love for thm never decrease,instead it becomes greater because I feel the time to be together with them will become shorter.To me anybody who is going to marry me,please love me unconditionly..

Anonymous said...

"She finally looks worthy to be with Kim Hyun Joong".

"This world is a tough place, you get judged for face value."

It looks like a same person with the two posts. I think you need to grow up internally. You're very much immature & don't know what beauty is. The beauty is not just coming from outside, but it's comes from inside. Do you remember the mother Theressa. She was not an outside beauty but the inside beauty. Therefore, so many people love her and want to be like her because her inner beauty. Thus, famous celebrities love Hwang Bo because she has not only the outside beauty but also the inside beauty. Also, HB was more famious than HJ when they met @ WGM. All males celerbrities wanted to be partners w/ her before WGM. Do you remember that?

Anonymous said...

wow! you guys are so lucky to meet HB for real!