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Joongbo Episode 15 Quotes

Episode 15 Quotes

During their photoshoot, metal bars separated Hwangbo and Hyunjoong...

HB: My Shillang, my shillang who's locked behind bars.
HJ: No, Buin is the one that's behind bars. *leans on the bars* I'll come visit you again~
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Eat well~
HB: I can never win..

Private Interview

HB: He really takes care of me.. and it's very strange. Before he really didn't talk much, and I am thankful when he replies. But now, he didn't need to help me but he did. He's very warm.. He doesn't seem like a younger man.

Photographer: You can hold hands...
HJ: *tries to hold her hand*
HB: Oh, it's okay if we don't.
HJ: *quickly retreats hand* *smiles embrassingly*

Photographer: Since you're both holding hands, you should look at each other lovingly.
HB: But we are looking lovingly.
HJ: Yeah~
Photographer: *comes near them* You were biting your molar teeth.
He shows a picture of Hwangbo looking like she wants to fight lol

Hwangbo felt apologetic that they have to take it multiple times.

HB: I'm sorry..
HJ: It's okay we have lots of time.

HB: I can't do well because I see this as a wedding, but he's doing well because he sees this as work. *looks at Hyunjoong* Am I right?
HJ: Not at all.
HB: I'm exactly right.
HJ: It's not like that. How is this work? It's our wedding.

Hwangbo was handed a bouquet of flowers by the staff.

HJ: It's my first proposal but how can the flowers be fake?

The staff were showing them how their pose would be.

HB: We're not on a hidden camera, right?

Hyunjoong was asked to do a difficult action pose but the photographer asked for multiple takes.

Photographer: Okay let's do that one last time.
HJ: Yes, sir. *jokingly* But are you sure you really know the word, "last"?
HB: *laughs*

Hyunjoong and Hwangbo comes out with new outfits for the outdoor shoot.

HJ: Oh, this dress is short...

The Photographer mentioned how couples pay 50:50 on wedding photoshoots.

HB: We decided to pay half each.
HJ: We're going to pay 6:4. She had an additional solo shot.
HB: *laughs*

HB: Did you have chicken soup?
HJ: Me? No..
HB: You haven't had one since you came back to Korea, right?
HJ: Me? I had diarrhea after I ate it.
HB: *hits him*

The photographer feels like Hyunjoong is not focused.

HB: What are you thinking about?
HJ: Me? Chicken...

Photographer: Can you kiss now?
HJ: Yes?
Photographer: This time Hyunjoong can..
HJ: Kiss?
Photographer: On the bride's cheek.
HJ: *shy* ..Kiss?
HB: *worried* As I have said before I'm fine with this but he needs to be protected. *laughs*

HJ: ..I don't even kiss my own mother. *laughs*

On Hyunjoong's first try kissing her cheek..

Photographer: You're not supposed to be sniffing her.

After failing on the fourth try..

Photographer: If you're unable to do it, the bride will have to.
HJ: ...I guess this is not a Democratic country.
HB: *laughs*

Private Interview

HB: I'm still shaking thinking of that time. I knew his lips would touch my cheek, but I kept on moving back. I'm not sure if you've experienced this but.. have you ever heard of your own heart beating? I heard mine today...

HJ: It's mysterious, isn't it? Usually I don't kiss anyone if they told me to so I don't know why I did it. Honestly, it must be because I like her.

Hyunjoong saw Hwangbo sleeping on the bed.

Private Interview

HJ: She must have been very tired, she also couldn't use the restroom... I tried to help her carry the weight of her gown by holding the train, but she must still be very tired..

HJ: A wedding photoshoot is a little bit tiring.
HB: It's something we can't do twice.
HJ: Yeah.. That's why you need to marry just once. If you get married multiple times, it will give multiple headaches.

HJ: They say during wedding photoshoots the woman becomes a princess.
HB: Can you treat me like a princess all the time?
HJ: Then are you saying I usually treat you like a servant?

HJ: ...I didn't treat you well when you were in Japan.
HB: Do you really feel that way? Why?
HJ: Because I didn't wake up..
HB: Whoa~ You're reflecting on it now that you came back to Korea? I feel like crying. *pretends to cry*
HJ: But if you cried, I wouldn't be able to hear it because of the sound of the cicadas.
(The cicadas were very loud where they were at.)

Private Interview

HB: He didn't feel it when I was there, but after he went back, he felt bad. *laughs* There was no one to cook for him. But whatever it is, just the fact that he felt that way made me happy. But I don't want him to feel sorry, I just want him to feel that he should treat me better.. I don't want him to be apologetic.. I think there's a huge difference.

Photographer: You should look at one another and talk, like what are you doing after this?
HJ: She said she's going to drink alcohol after this!
HB: *hits him with her bouquet*

HB: I didn't think it would come to this.
HJ: Yeah, we did so many things all at the same time. I'm scared.
HB: What are you scared of?
HJ: I'm not sure, I'm just scared.
HB: There must be something you're scared of.
HJ: It seems like a lot of things have changed,.. starting today.
HB: Like what?
HJ: I'm not sure.. It's strange.

Hwangbo told Hyunjoong she asked a friend to help them.

HJ: Help with what?
HB: Well..
HJ: What are you uncomfortable with? After we've made all this progress...
HB: *laughs*

Baek Boram, Hwangbo's friend visits their set.

BB: Omo~ you're so pretty.
HB: You're talking about my husband, right?
BB: Yeah..
HB: *pretends to faint*

Staff: How did you feel when you saw Hwangbo in a wedding dress?
HJ: It was the same feeling as usual.. She always wears elegant, extravagant clothes.
HB: *laughs*

While they were eating fruits...

BB: You don't feed each other?
HB: Don't make us do these kinds of things.
HJ: *quietly takes a grape and feeds her*
HB: *feeds him a pineapple*

Hwangbo asked for a leaf and decided to do a "is there, is there not" game.

HB: Hyunjoong regrets marrying me... not regret marrying me..
HJ: It's odd numbered! I bet 1 million won!
HB: *continues plucking the leaves*

On the last leaf, the answer was "not regret".

HJ: Doesn't regret right? You want another leaf?
HB: Don't! One is enough.
HJ: *gets another leaf* Look. I love Hwangbo, I don't love Hwangbo. Love, Don't love. Love, Don't love. *continues plucking the leaves one by one*

..and on the last leaf...

HJ: ..Love. See?

Private Interview

HB: I thought of Shin Aera Unni. She told me to be a hundred times confident. Although we're six years apart in age, when my husband turns 70, I will be 76 years old. I thought, "That's right!" After that, I wondered why I felt guilty. Although it wasn't much, her words gave me strength.

Hwangbo wanted to shock Hyunjoong who was still inside his dressing room with her dress because the back was cut very elegantly.

HJ: *comes out*
HB: Do you see my back?
HJ: Aigoo, how can you walk in this?
HB: *faces him* *sees the straw hat, yellow scarf & vest she made, tattered jeans and boots he is wearing* *shocked* ..I'm defeated.

HJ: Don't I look like I'm Columbian?
HB: Shillang is slowly becoming Southeast Asian like me.
HJ: No, I'm Mexican. *laughs*

Private Interview

HJ: If only Buin would realize that I do think of her a lot.. Not as a dull kid groom, but someone who's attentive, and someone who will be good to her... I wish she would see me like that.


Anonymous said...

are we walking memory lane? So much laughter, so much tears, so much happiness, two years later, we still feel the love.
thank you SH, for this wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for written the conversation!!! For a while, we had so much emotional rollercoster due to PK; however, we've found peace by their undying love which is forever even though it has already passed two years. Definitely, God is in their sides.
"I felt that God sent you for me."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating the quotes. I just started to watch WGM again to help fill the void that PK left behind. I still find parts that I'd missed in the past and here I am laughing, giggling, and crying all over again!

meme =p said...

Gosh, I miss them!! Thanks SH...for reminding us how fun they together...not that we could forget!!!

Anonymous said...

this is one of my favorite episodes. the first time i watched it, i thought, "omg it's real." HJ said he kissed her because he must like her! and then when he said, "it's scary," i felt it was the first time HJ realized his feelings. <3
thanks for the happy memories. ^^

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wonder if I will ever stop getting teary-eyed over these episodes. No matter the different lives shillang and buin spin into, their journey together is a true love story that is timeless. Like "Romeo and Juliet", it's sweetness and truth is like a food for the soul that you never get tired of...

Anonymous said...

why different lives? They are together. I believe that :)

Lil' Sue said... of my fave episode...I never tired of watching this eps..My very first fave was on the housewarming where HJ embraced her into the pool...(^_^) The song...In a rush....huhuhuhu...

God..I really miss them..(T_T)...

Anonymous said...

I love Shin Aera because of this ep ^^

my POV, HJ really said some very meaningful lines in this ep - simple but deep - which I want to believe those words were clearly showing what's been playing in his mind (& heart) all along...but then again, I think back from the housewarming party, HJ already starts showing the "big, scary changes" he had in his heart..

while HB seems like she's still struggling between her real emotion & the line that she (thinks she needs to) draw within herself...typical Hwang Buin...she holding back like that really hurts me...she can be a little bit "greedy" but she kept holding it back...painful denial =(
but of course I'm SO proud of her...all that I can understand & believe, those struggles clearly shows her undeniable cares for her Shillang..

"If Buin knew all the times I've thought of her, it would be good.."
HJ, I think she really do knew that..she knew you well enough ^^

Anonymous said...

i love this entry very much! ^^ good job ssangchu heaven! the world!