Thursday, November 4, 2010

[English Subbed] Midnight Idols Episode 5 - UKISS


Husna said...

in the 3rd video
When hwang Bo as the class monitor read the vows

Owh that what do you call that thing?book?board?
That blue thing reminds me of joongBo's love pledge

hope this gave a struck to hwang Bo like it strucked me:B

Ansuh said...

remeber how hyung jun have been alays losing in paper scissors stone until he had his first win against hwang bo when she went to japan?

ahhhh.those momentsss:)

Anonymous said...

I'm really loving MIDNIGHT IDOL. Although I don't understand a single word they are saying, I just laugh like a crazy along with them, haha. I really love the interaction between all the MC's. My favorite of course, is Hwangbo and Baby. And...I love it more when I get to see it subbed.

Anonymous said...

the show is realy funny!!! happy to see buin and young master again and again... ^^

meme =p said...

I find it amazing how great she looks in a freaking sweat shirt =p
I'm green with envy!

Thanks...I've been waiting for the subs to come out! Too bad I'm at work and cant watch it =/