Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[Photos] Hyunjoong With Trainer + His Luggage

omo~ those arms~~

why do you look like you're going to school to me here, hyunjoong?


Kenji said...

HJ wrap those arms around HB now! She needs to be comforted by your arms- I mean by you. :)

GaGa said...

That particular ring on his index finger alway attract my attention!!

He's been wearing it almost all occasions now!
Anyone know anything about this ring?

Anonymous said...

Hi GaGa.
I have wondered it too because it was seen after PK. I don't know before PK whether he wore it or not. If he wore it before PK, please post it here. Thus, we feel more relaxed. Therefore, I checked w/ his wedding ring on PK, but the PK ring has thick line w/ silver color. But, this one is a simple w/o any thick line. If anybody sees different way, please post here. Thus, I concluded only myself that might be from HB, so he wears recently more often due to his guilt feelings. I thought also, it might be the double rings on his neckelaces,but seeing one ring on his neck & the other on his index finger. If I've gotten wrong interpretation, correct me. Justin.

Anonymous said...

if it's one of the double rings, how can the rings be separated? Cutting and Soldering???
if it's PK's ring, how can a tight ring on ring finger fit onto index finger?
my take: neither, it's just a new ring.

ssangchulie said...

I think HJ said something like he'll always wear a ring on his index finger if he's no longer singer (correct me if I remembered this wrong ^^). I am not sure if this is the ring that keeps reapperearing over and over again in interview photoshoots though. I am also sure this is not the ring his mother gave him. I think that one is golden color?

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photoshoped pictures. They made my day better. Can I share these on my Baidu blog??

ssangchulie said...

single* sorry for the typo =="

Anonymous said...

Double rings is Cartier and can't be separated. He's worn the single ring necklace before without the ring on finger. Therefore I agree with I agree with anon, none of the above justin.

Anonymous said...

dem guns!! also is that his BFF trainer Sander? XD

Anonymous said...

My POV, I had always seen him wear the double ring necklace before PK. During filming of PK, I saw him in fancams wearing the necklace after filming episodes of PK, and even arriving and departing from airports.
Then all of a sudden, he stopped wearing the necklace, and this is when I noticed he started wearing the silver ring. My POV, he was asked to stop wearing the necklace, cuz people started speculating about it, so, my guess, it's the reason, he's wearing the silver ring now. The guys makes us crazy, xDD.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

anon#5 I am with you on this matter...they really are making us crazy...but happy!!...hahaha!

i'm a believer!!!


fudgeorange said...

Thanks for sharing this. ^^ I wonder how recent is this photo, the one with the trainer? HJ seemed buffed up there.. and a bit mature than his usual boyish looks, I mean more 'macho.' ;) hmmm.

while the one with the luggage, he looked like a little lost boy or boy trying to run away from home. lol.

to HJ: "you made buin cry, didnt you?! 'coz of that pose!!! she had to pack your stuff again..." lol.

@ssangchulie: LOL, I got confused when you said he's no longer a "singer." I thought..geez another news? haha. ok, that's supposed to be "single." =P

LvKprogram said...

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