Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hyunjoong Q&A For The First Love Story

credit: eppeun22@naver + wonderrrgirl@LoveKimHyunJoong.com.

Q1. (your) confident feature?
A1: Fans said my eyes are pretty. I don't know if it's a joke or the truth, but (they say) there are stars shining inside my eyes.

Q2. Love?
A2: For me, two person who are fond of each other is love. Just the two person who likes each other is love. Is that not right? Whatever immortal way of saying is not what I like. In words it is simple. Two person who are fond of each other is love.

Q3. Ideal female?
A3: A girl who is well-mattered, sensible/wise, doesn't meddle, treats me well.
Whether she has double eyelids, regardless of this or that, the moment I saw (her) I'll feel, "(she is) pretty & cute" to that extent, I think I'll like (her).

Q4. "you love her" vs "she loves you"?
A4: I want to go on a date with the person I like.
I want to treat the girl I like very well.
For that girl, giving her happy feelings is my style.

Q5. Do you have confidence to give love to the person you love?
A5. I have a personality that treats people well. I like to take care of her.

Q6. Do you believe in "Love by fate?"
A6: Yes I love in Love by fate.
The style that suits me is a tendency to fall in love with the woman at first sight.
no matter what, regardless of the girl's personality or Mal-ssi-deung(background?), I'll say "ah" the moment I saw her and feel for her.
Therefore, such moments I feel it's a "destined meeting", I think.


Note from Wonderrrgirl : I think you may notice that the way I phrase the English is a little weird.. sorry about that, but I want to try to keep the Korean meaning and phrasing as much as I can, because I think it matters somehow. (The feel.. etc) So apologies if there's bad English/weird phrasings. T.T

& Sorry about the Mal-ssi-deung말씨등 part, I am not too sure what this means also T.T. Never seen or heard of it. I tried to break it down though~ Perhaps some of you can help here:
말씨= Way of speaking
등 = it can be "back" or "ranking" or "light".
So you can see how I sort of 'infer' it should mean something like background or sth. Yup? ^^


Anonymous said...

Mal-ssi-deung말씨등. That means is that ton of voices or ton of speaking.

KDJ said...

Honestly, I'm happily spazzing right now.lol.
I just can't imagine anyone else whom fit best to those answers ^^

"go on a date" - remember Shillang's bright-self during their "first weird date" in Japan & everytime they spent times together outside their home?

"to treat the girl I like very well" - well, he DID mentioned his concerned over this back then, during WGM^^

"giving her happy feelings" - yup, this one too (LOTS of times!!)^^

"regardless of the girl's personality or Mal-ssi-deung" - considering answer from anon above, we know the unique Mal-ssi-deung of Hwang Buin, which is why we can't stop but grow fond of her...agree? ^^