Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hyunjoong's Message On His Homepage [11/06/10]

Date : 2010.11.06
Author : God of Cosmo Universe

Aigoo~~^^ Just woke up and realized that my waist feels painful, it was such a long sleep in such a long while already ........

I finished my drama shooting finally yesterday ^^ It lasted for 4 months but, eummm, once again I feel myself feeling the much deep affection - which is to my surprise; after spending 4 months throughout, indeed it feels kinda saddening on having to leave now, mixed with both hateful feelings and anguish sorts

Since I just woke up only now, shall I go to memorize the mandarin song ???????????

To be busy is really not a hard thing for me, instead I'm happy, these days ^^ Why, because I'm able to do the things I want, to my hearts' content ...

Even until the day I leave my autograph on Mars as I shall ride on to my space shuttle at the NASA kk
At that time, I'll also carve you guys' name on there kk
If I can do that

...If I can't, I'll just leave my last will there for my kids to-come in the far-away future kk

What nonsense am I saying now after waking up huh kkkk
Anyway is everyone living positively ?????????

When I'm melancholic, I'll appear for once, and I don't even know if I'll give a Christmas present or not ...kk
Keep anticipating, won't be something peculiar, just wait for a bit

I won't be appearing on the television frequently these days already, TT
Don't say bye just because you can't see me

Study hard, help out around your hubby, and whatever things that you weren't able to give your boyfriend, just go ahead to get them now kk

I'll return soon with an awesome album, so do prepare for your million won already ........kkkkk

I should go to play some soccer right ~~starting tomorrow onwards

Have you enjoyed ???????????? Throughout the 4 months ??????? If so then, we'll continue to dream of our amazing future together, as we look up towards the same sky, ya

^^See you

credits:, ode
lmao cosmo universe xDDDD~ ah, hyunjoong you just amde my day lol


Anonymous said...

God of Cosmo Universe?? that's awesome~! LOL I think it's great that he has more feelings towards acting and wanting to do better...he'll just improve this way ^ ^

Ne~ HJ...I am living positively and always looking up at the same sky...cause that is what you and HB have taught me~

J.J. said...
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J.J. said...

(not my official letter to KHJ, but something I’m feelin’ right now)

Dear Hyunjoong-sshi,

Thank you for your efforts. Thank you for showing us a better side like you promised, and thank you for taking care of your health. I really thank you for making these past few weeks enjoyable.

I’m glad you and Jung So Min-sshi worked together so well. I hope you two will help each other as you travel to other countries promoting PK! (Keep her safe!)

I’m anticipating your next project, and I know you’ll work hard and inevitably do well. I’m happy regardless of how the ratings will be (although it’s always a plus) just as long as you grow from your experience. To which, I also want to add, I’m proud that you’ve learned something during your time in PK.

Stay good! Be kind to your Coordi-noona’s and your manager(s)! And have a drink with Bae YongJoon-sshi for me! KeyEast DAEBAK!


P.S. I just wanted to know, did Jung Hye Young (Momma Baek) bring HaEum, Harang, HaYul to set? Aspire to have cute kiddies like them okay?

Anonymous said...

u really do have 'something' to say right HJ?

"let's continue to dream of our amazing future together as we look up towards the same sky.."

yeah..i will believe on my thought shillang..
till the day u or buin are marrying someone else..
i will keep on believing on my thought..

meme =p said...

@j.j. Sweet letter and I totally agree =p it's been quiet from u on the message board...good to see u back!!!

babypam_08 said...

He mentioned future kids huh? Is he referring to their ssangchu babies? Segyero!