Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HJB Proud Of HJL + HJL States SS501 Will Not Be Disbanding

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Korean Popular Group SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun expressed his feelings of pride for fellow member Kim Hyun Joong

On the 15th afternoon 2:00pm, SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun who is starring in musical Cafe In held an open practice session for the press media and press conference in Seoul Gangnam. Cafe In is the first musical related work which Kim Hyung Jun is involved in.

When reporters mentioned about Kim Hyun Joong who was invited to sing at the Opening Ceremony of Asian Games , Kim Hyung Jun expressed that, “I’m really proud of him. Looking at him performing, my heart was very excited.”

He followed by saying, “I sent him a short text message. However, maybe it did not send through to the handphone there, I got no reply.” These words brought about a round of laughter from the scene.

Kim Hyung Jun was asked about the response of other members with regards to his musical actor transformation, and he replied humorously, “Everyone was very surprised. I told Jung Min that I wanted to soar to greater heights in the area of music, and coincidentally was given a chance to perform in a musical, and he asked if I wanted to learn from him. I replied ‘There is no absolute need to learn from you’, thereby rejecting him.” Kim Hyung Jun also said that, “Everybody is sincerely cheering me on, and are very happy for me. This makes me feel very blessed.”

Musical would open at Samseongdong Baekham Arts Hall on 24 November till 23 January.


SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong strongly affirmed that that SS501 will not be disbanding.

In a recent interview, he stated, “With our members branching out into different companies, many wonder whether SS501 is disbanding or not. We were only able to move companies because we had confirmed with one another that we would continue to work as a group under the name of SS501.”

He continued, “During that time when our contracts expired, there was no company that would take in all five of us.”

Regarding SS501’s future activities, he answered, “For now, we’ll do solo albums for a bit. We’re planning to get together for a performance. Due to our companies being different, it’s difficult to get our schedules coordinated, but it will get done.”

Kim Hyun Joong concluded the interview by expressing his friendship with the other members. “I get in contact with the members every single day. Hyung Joon once said that I ignored one of his text messages at the press conference for his musical, but that’s not what happened. I was in China for the ‘Guangzhou Asian Games‘. I called him right away after the event.”


LvKprogram said...

So happy to hear that ss501 boys are in contact with each other. I can't wait for future project together again. I miss them!

babypam_08 said...

Yes! Can't wait for their comeback! :)

Anonymous said...

aahah! so what does the article SS501 will not be disbanding tell you? All along members have said, leader doesn't keep in touch with them. But leader says different, LOL. So, this reminds me of Muhigh radio show with HJB & HB, where Baby had asked HB if she was in contact with KHJ. They both said they hadn't heard from him. But, now we all know right? I just wanna say, there's no way Joongbo doesn't keep in touch, and that's my POV.

Anonymous said...

giddy in happiness ^^

Anonymous said...

is that the STAR earring? Giddy giddy again...^^

Cee said...

@Anonymous 3rd- ahh i thought the same thing too! The radio! HJB + HB interview~ so the qs is which one is telling the truth? Hahaha! Or maybe they are keeping it all quiet (pretending not keeping in touch) to protect HB.

My conclusion, I think they are really in touch-all of them...including HB.

Snowwinter said...

I agree with you Cee..
and thanks to Ilovejoongbo in JB soompi to gave this comments:
'nov 12 at 2am HJb y HB music high

nov 12 at 9pm KHJL in Guangzhou AG Asia

nov 15 baby mention he called to KHJL but don't answer

nov 16 HJL said "I called him right away after the event."'

so perhaps, this is what I thought: when HJB sent HJL message, he didn't reply right away, that why HJB said “I sent him a short text message. However, maybe it did not send through to the handphone there, I got no reply.”
but after the event is ended HJL called him..

Btw, SH is that recent pix of HJ? becoz if it's recent then he wore that STAR earring again.. it's the same earring with HB.. I mean HB ever wore that similar earring too ^^
Makes me giddy^^

GaGa said...

giddy in happiness ^^ +1

Obviously, all Joongboers think the same way, what can I say, we all got a Joongbo heart!

I wonder how would Hyun Joong treat HJB once he got back from China, haha, HJB may got hit from his leader!

Patiently Waiting,
We capture the Asian Game,
London, we're coming!
To The World!

Anonymous said...

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