Sunday, November 21, 2010

[Quainte] WGM Joongbo Cut Episode 2 - Jeju Island Honeymoon Part 2

Credits: Quainte Subbing Team

Man, I miss them... T__T

"We don't fit perfectly, but I think we fit well enough. At first I thought she was a tough girl, but she was more girly that I expected. I want her to lean on me. Since we're married, I want to take care of her instead of her taking care of me. I want to be a reliable man." - Kim Hyunjoong

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading. It's always great to watch another subbed version. Looking forward to the Mediafire link!

thanks again!

kiani said...

OMG's been awhile, since I re-watched this, I'm laughing, at the same time feeling the sadness from not seeing them together. Many memorable moments in this episode. This is where they became the lettuce couple, she became a cool person, also learned he was scared of sharks (cause of the movie Jaws), haha... I really like what he said towards the end, that HB was the type of wife you look forward coming home to.
I'm missing them too.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys realize that every time we watch them again (even it's the nth time) we still can discover new things, new emotions through their interactions. So true and so unpretentious! This is better than any drama in the world. <3 <3 <3
Thanks, SH!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha it cracked me up every time right after scolding Hyun Joong for focusing on the mosquitoes, Hwangbo immediately followed his game hahaha. They just fit so naturally.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this website recently but seen their episodes a couple of times and everytime I watch it still makes me feel giddy, happy, sad...all these emotions it feels magical.

I feel like they fit with each other perfectly, I can't see any woman who will treat KHJ as great as HB treated her and no man can make HB laugh the way she laughed with KHJ.

Thanks SH for your wonderful blog. I've been lurking for a couple of weeks now and posted some comments too..Nala

fudgeorange said...

THANKS SH!!! Take comfort in knowing you're not alone... I miss them too even if I only saw them mid this year.. *sigh*

@WGMforever: I share the same sentiments... there's always something new, every time.

I share similar sentiments with all those who posted before me. :)

Lil' Sue said...


I also miss them terribly...
rewatching this giving me a mixture feelings of happiness, sadness..and I miss to see them together...

Anonymous: Agree..this is better than any drama...

sarangyo said...

Thanks for sharing again..really will never get tired of our couple..keeping the faith...SEGYERO!!

KDJ said...

Allow me to say this. here..
sad to say,I'm super late...just found out this lovely couple two weeks ago (initially craving for more PK's lovely moments but that leads me to this..thank God!! <3)

since then I've been (diligently) checking this blog daily! lol ^^

2yrs-late with this Joongbo fever, but I'm thankful enough for all of you, the die-hard fans who work hard & still here to "help" us newbies to fix our missed-spazzing-moments, especially with the CSI-ing, the lovely fanarts, the news, & the never-ending hopes!

I'm into K-entertainments but never interested to HJ before PK (seriously), & neither did I know who's HB before WGM..I got so many K-dramas & K-movies that I love so much, but now after Ssangchu couple, I can't look at any other couple on TV without comparing them to this couple!! I love PK at first sight but now even that fades away as I passionately anticipate more for Joongbo..
Ssangchu couple - jjang! ^__^

and yeah...what HJ said is true to us too.."we don't fit perfectly, but I think we fit well enough"

united Joongboers-jjang!!
I love you guys!! Segyero!!