Sunday, November 7, 2010 happiness!!!

the quality or state of being happy.

pleasure, joy, exhilaration, bliss, contentedness, delight,enjoyment, satisfaction.

Happiness is something everyone wishes and strives for, whether it's for a moment in time or forever, it's something not easily forgotten. 

It's been almost two years since WGM ended.  Joongbo still has a die-hard fan base because while they were on the show they laughed hard, they played hard, and they defined happiness to a T.  They gave us something to hope for, a great friendship or perhaps a love story of our own.  

The show may have ended but Joongbo definitely has not been forgotten.

*yes, I know.  My month is over but I just can't get enough of them..I promise this is my last post until December!!  To the world =p


Anonymous said...

Ahhh....Falling Slowly is playing right now. Gosh, they did play and laugh hard didn't they.

kiani said...

meme =p, you're making me cry now. You definitely left us with lots of Joongbo Happiness. Gosh, I love KHJ, I'll support whatever dramas he'll do in the future, but for me, he left his innocence in WGM. He can do whatever he wants, keke...but my heart will always beat for Joongbo.
So much love to you. Don't lost us, xDD.

Anonymous said...

dear my unnie meme..I am proud to be joongbers, yes it's been a year from now, even though you don't now me. but you are always in my heart b'coz we are in joongbo family..I am sad when i read your post that it will be your last post. we will really miss you! don't lost us! thank you unnie meme.. frm michell@gensan

Anonymous said...

I will miss you meme,since you're here we have an increased number of followers.The chatbox is is very popular now,a place where we share loves trough out the world under the same sky with the ssangchu couple.Though you're busy with your wedding preparation, I'm sure Tommy will always remind you to visit your triplets and other members here.Don,t be surprise if the ssangchu couple will attend to your wedding or at least wish you if you invite them!Here I (me) personally wish you and Tommy a very happy marriage on your wedding day,may God bless both of you and live happily ever after.Forget Us Not.Love..(me)

Anonymous said...

They look like they are having so much fun!! Meme we are addictive the joongbo I have a feeling you will be back before December.

bec215 said...

Man she looks so good in that outfit. I tried the exact same outfit on once and I looked like a clown!!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

T_T Joongbo I miss you..

Lil' Sue said...

I Miss Joongbo too...(T_T)

J.J. said...

@ meme, I've been quiet a bit because NOV is a hectic month for me :P I've been lurky-lurky here and there. ;)
(I'm working on my fan-letters too. does anyone know the addresses to KeyEast or whereever I can send mail too?)

I also have to get a new phone T_T

On any case, pertaining this pots:

I'd take their months of awkwardness, fondness, and laughs any to a drama although PK comes in a close second for real.
I'm glad both are doing fine <3

Anonymous said...

aww.. i miss joongbo..ok i'll watch WGM again after work. i just wish they'll work on another project together.. kekekee..


Anonymous said...

ya i miss them too and i just wish they they can work together in the same project..atleast~

babypam_08 said...

Hi meme! Will surely miss your posts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and putting into words what we Joongboers have been wanting to say. Good luck to you and Tommy! Spread the Joongbo love to your new family and to youe future kids as well hehe! All the best! Segyero!

Anonymous said...

i really really really miss JB.. every night, I watch JB episodes until I fall sleep... I really want to see them to be together on screen again. I really miss those times...I need more JB dose or else I'll die... please help...I'm very addicted to JB drug.. I think I need to go Rehab...huhuhuhuhu

meme =p said...

I miss them too =/

@everybody...I'll be back in won't miss me for long!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say this: I know that there was a previous post here that was discussing why, after all this time, they (Hwangbo and Hyun Joong) still don't appear to have any contact with each other (e.g., not appearing on the same shows), and that it is suspicious of them to act this way even after 2 years. Has it ever occurred to anyone that this 'separation' may in fact be a consequence of their respective management companies' decisions to keep them apart (rather than either Hwangbo or Hyun Joong's decision to not have any public contact with the other)? I was thinking too much of Hwangbo and Hyun Joong as free agents in their own lives (and thus choosing to maintain the non-contact between themselves), but in reality, they have significantly less freedom than non-celebrities. They are constantly monitored not just by the public eye, but also by the companies that represent them--what they do on a daily basis, how they respond to questions in public, who they hang out with, etc. For a while, I was also confused over why there's been no contact between the two and choosing to see it as an action between the *two people*, but I'm becoming more convinced that this also has to do with much influence from their respective management companies. I wish I could post this in the post that was about this topic, but I couldn't find it--I encourage the blog owner to post this on that blog entry to assuage those diehard JoongBo fans' discontent. I am a JoongBo fan as well :-)