Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hwang Buin Idol Update

A week ago, Changmin of 2AM posted this picture of him and Hwangbo on his twitter in support of Buin's new song~!

Hwang Buin filming for Midnight Idols from baidu

Hyunjun and Hwangbo tweets:

HB: You can invite me for your radio broadcast since you have no guest this morning. I will come and sing my song
HJB: Nuna please come~ Welcome!


ChillOut said...

HB is loveable

babypam_08 said...

Looking forward to her appearance on Music High. While on the show, I bet they'll eventually talk about shillang haha! Segyero!

Anonymous said...

Was Changmin of 2am, or another idol that invited her to their December concert in Japan?

Lil' Sue said...

Waoh...!! HJB is so Cute...and HB is irresistable heheheh..i dun believe that he never mention HB to his hyung...lols...

Anyway...I support u all the way Hwangbo!!!


michell ann said...

@babypam_08 I agree w/ you...more talk bout her shillang...SEYGERO!!!
and hwangbuin...just go for the go!..go..!...A lot of love..sshangchon and joongbores..